Tatiana de los Rios ♥ Miss January 2010

Biographic Data Points

The American version of "Survivor" isn't exactly stock piled with hotties and babes, but the Columbian version sure as hell is. Tatiana won a season of "Survivor Columbia" and voting was up to the viewers, Tatiania would win via landslide in our opinion.

Tatiana is as known for her stunning body as she is for her own personality. We don't meant that in any coy terms either. Tatiana was the co-winner of Columbia's Personality of the Year award. Who'd she share the award with, you ask? None other than the President of Columbia.

As one of Columbia's hottest models, this girl isn't just all work and no play. In her spare time, this angel from heaven loves to jump out of airplanes and skydive and when she hits the ground you can find her turning tables (and heads) as a DJ in the best parties Columbia has to offer.

This is one Latin lovely that brings the best of all worlds in to one - gorgeous body, beautiful features, a winning personality and a thirst for adventure and partying like no other in Columbia. Think you can keep up?