♥ Miss August

Biographic Data Points

We may know and love Columbia for its coffee, but Tatiana Gil is a caffeine free reason why we wouldn't mind burning the midnight oil. Though she comes from a tropical country known for its soccer, Tatiana yearns to be whisked away by that special someone to a faraway and distant island where she can enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

While you're there with her, get ready to exercise because Tatiana loves staying active. She enjoys all forms of exercise, including both Pilates and yoga. We're sure you won't mind stretching out on the beach with this limber Latino.

In your down time you can enjoy taking long walks on the beach - one of her favorite past times - but to do so you'll have to be caring, calm, sincere and honest. While most of us won't qualify, you nice guys out there might want to think of an early retirement plan that includes the luscious Tatiana.