Amanda Carrier ♥ Miss August

Biographic Data Points

When Amanda walked through our doors, she was instantly the choice to lead off our inaugural BetUS Girls calendar for the 2005 Long Beach edition. One glance at this brunette beauty's disarming good looks had us hooked, and we have a feeling that you don't mind starting off your own tour of 2005 with this down-to-earth Southern girl.

Amanda was plenty busy in 2005. Aside from our calendar, this budding actress and model burst on to the scene as the 2005 Maxim Hometown Hotties 1st runner-up, as well as a semi-finalist in the 2005 WWE RAW Diva Search contest. While she's busy taking our breaths away, she's never one to take a breather. Amanda followed up in 2006 by playing for the Chicago Bliss as a linebacker in the 2006 Lingerie Football League.

It's hard to believe that someone as gorgeous as Amanda earned her start as a pizza delivery girl. When she rang our bell at the auditions, Amanda was an instant fit for what we wanted and you'd be hard pressed to hold her to the "30-minutes or it's free guarantee" if she showed up at your doorstep.