♥ 2006

Donna Feldman
Biographic Data Points

Anyone who has Justin Timberlake's stamp of approval is A-OK in our books, and when Donna appeared in the music video for "Senorita", she was almost impossible to turn away from. Though born in Calabasas, California, Donna is of Russian and Polish decent, giving her an undeniable international appeal.

Since joining BetUS.com as our obvious choice to kick off the new year, Donna has worked on Deal or No Deal, appeared in countless commercials and has also co-starred in Adam Sandler's Don't Mess With Zohan. We're sure you wouldn't mess with Donna's disarming good looks either.

Donna continues to make her mark in Hollywood as both a model and actress so keep your eye out for her. Something tells us that after checking out her 2005 BetUS Girls spread, you're already beginning the search. Happy hunting, boys.