Holly Webber ♥ Miss March 2006

Holly Webber
Biographic Data Points

One-half Costa Rican. One-half American. One-hundred percent vivacious. Holly Webber is a 5-foot-7 goddess who dominated the FHM Hometown Honey competitions, while following up her appearance in the 2005 BetUS Girls calendar by being crowned Miss FHM for the West in 2006.

Holly has been making a serious run in Hollywood lately, acting in a variety of roles including The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler, Crank: High Voltage with Jason Statham and Fast & Furious with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Considering the company she's keeping, Holly may intimidate a few of you gentlemen out there so you might want to hit the gym and polish up on your suave moves before you even think of approaching this particular stunner.