Rochelle Loewen ♥ 2006

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Biographic Data Points

Rochelle Loewen was by far the best choice to get an early start to summer and you'll be hard to disagree. This scorching sizzler from Alberta, Canada was melting the ice caps of the cold, frigid north so they had to ship her down south and we're sure glad they did. The former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada winner modeled for Playboy, but her athletic appeal was too much to ignore for fitness indstusry giants Muscle & Fitness, which featured her on plenty of their magazine covers.

Loewen's call to action was clear, and she was invited to become a WWE Diva during 2004 before she landed in our warm embrace. After she left the company later that year, Loewen quenched her thirst for sport and violence by joining the Lingerie Football League, playing for the LA Temptation for four straight seasons.

Rochelle is presently pursuing a career in broadcasting, while she continues to model on the side in her native Canada. Keep your eyes peeled for this alluring dark haired vixen because you'll definitely see her in the future, and when you do she won't be hard to notice. Just look for the crowd that's collectively picking up their jaws.