Brandy Grace ♥ Miss December 2006

Brandy Grace
Biographic Data Points

Born to Irish and Korean parents, you wouldn't find too many women that looked like Brandy Grace in a place Munster, Indiana. We caught our first taste of Brandy when she was the Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week in February of 2005, and ever since she's been one of the hottest models in the import scene.

Keeping up with Brandy is no easy task. As one of our 2006 BetUS Girls, Brandy took us up on a chance to drive the BetUS NASCAR. Brandy was the first calendar babe to drop the hammer and push the car over 150 mph. We shouldn't have been surprised since this brown eyed, Asian mix is a thrill seeker by nature.

Brandy prefers guys who have motorcycles - real ones - so if you have a two wheelers ready to rip the streets, you're off to a good start if you also want to rip off her clothes. You'll keep your good luck going if you have a fun personality, don't take life too seriously and you aim high with your own goals.

Brandy's biggest pet peeve is guys who don't try to achieve their dreams. If you want this dream girl to be keeping you up at night, you better be a go-getter. Brandy may stand at 5-foot-5, but that hasn't stopped her from reaching for the stars.

You'll be able to catch her in the summer of 2011 when stars alongside Sasha Grey in the movie, "The Girl From the Naked Eye". A sip of Brandy Grace's exotic looks is enough to intoxicate any man.