Jamie Everett
Biographic Data Points

Age has only made Jamie Everett even sexier. This 5-foot-7 cover model and pulse pounder represented the Midwest proudly as Miss FHM Midwest and made it all the way to the top-4 at the Miss FHM America competition in 2005.

There's probably a lot of you who wouldn't mind going all the way with her either. Jaime was also a contestant on the VH1 reality show, "America's Most Smartest Model" but has since gone on to bigger and better ventures. It's not too hard to see why. Native American by birth, the combination of her black hair and blue eyes, along with a body that's been responsible for many turning-head car crashes, Jamie's used her success from FHM and parlayed it in to the movies.

She was most famously one of the many hot mambas that Steve Carrel tried to hook up with in The 40 Year Old Virgin. We're thinking that Steve's not the only guy who has tried and failed to hit on Jaime.