Kathryn Smith ♥

Kathryn Smith
Biographic Data Points

Kathryn Smith comes to us from Georgia and left her job as a mortgage broker to bless us with a career as a full time model. We all wish women would put looks on the back burner when they consider a mate, and that's just what Kathryn does. She wants a guy that can be honest, intelligent and boasts a great sense of humor.

Listing her turn-ons as someone with experience who can teach her about life, we're sure there are plenty of you that wouldn't mind showing her a thing or two. Just don't be too close minded or unwilling to try new things, because those are two characteristics that will get Kathryn to pack up and leave right quick. Don't be too flushed if you sit across a table from this avid poker player either.

Kathryn loves to sit down and grind out a game of high stakes hold 'em with anybody willing to play. She's certainly hot enough to get an invite from us. Kathryn can shuffle our deck anytime.