Jessika Grau ♥

Jessika Grau
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If exotic is your brand of choice, then look no further than the lovely Jessica Grau. A mix of German, French, Cuban and Spanish, Jessica has something for everyone. She has graced numerous television shows, movies and various media appearances in her native Venezuela and is honoring the United States for one of the first times as Miss December in the 2010 BetUS Girls calendar.

Aside from her diverse heritage and background, Jessica is as much an artist as she is an athlete. Jessica exudes a flexibility in her acting and modeling that's reflected in her physical abilities. Jessica will leave you tied in twisted knots from years spent in gymnastics, yoga and dance so it's probably best to stretch before you tangle wit this year's Miss December.

Whether playing in the sun or the snow capped mountains, you'll be hard pressed to keep up with Jessica since she's always on the move. After capturing our hearts on the silver screen, she's taking her talents in to stage acting where she claims her true passion lies. We're pretty sure you won't have a shortage of passion when you catch a glimpse of the dynamic Jessica Grau either.