Karelis Ollarves ♥ 2011

Karelis Ollarves
Biographic Data Points

Karelis is the tallest in her family at 5'8". She's patiently waiting for the right guy to enter her life. Who's the right guy, you ask? An honest, loving man with a nice rear will have a chance, especially with wine, delicious food and good conversation on his side. This athletic model runs 10km three days a week and practices acrobatics with Cirque de Soleil. She also wants to swim with dolphins, so we can start planning that dream date.At 5-foot-8, not too many men will measure up to Karelis's expectations of a man. She's looking for someone caring, passionate, honest who doesn't mind indulging in the best food and wine the world has to offer. You'll have to dust out your lungs, and put your heart back in your chest if you want to keep with Karelis as well. She runs 10km a day and has fined tune her smoking body by practicing acrobatics with Cirque de Soleil.

If you're thinking of planning the perfect date with Karelis, then it will have to include one of her life ambitions, like swimming with dolphins. Of course, we'd just as well jump in a pool full of sharks to see this stunning, dark haired model covered in nothing but a bikini in person.

As limber as she is beautiful, Karelis is patiently waiting for Mr. Right. Are you that special someone in her life? It's a tempting thought indeed.