♥ Miss April

Maria Laura Menderos
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If you're a thrill seeker by nature, and aren't scared to engage in some close combat with Maria, then look no further because we have the perfect match for you.

If anyone is gorgeous enough to make you hurl yourself out of an airplane, it's Miss April. An avid parachute jumper, this lover of extreme sports is sure to push your own heart and mind to their respective extremes as well. Keep in mind that strapping on a parachute and jumping out of a plane might seem crazy to some, but Maria's natural beauty might be enough to make you consider it.

On top of that, Maria knows how to use a pair of handcuffs. Training with the police special forces and SPEAR, a tactics training program, Maria is versed in the arts of hand to hand combat. Think you have what it takes to go one-on-one with Maria?