♥ Miss February 2011

Biographic Data Points

Natalia is a fan of individual sports, such as skiing, but if you have the right stuff you might be able to coax her out of her shell and in to your arms. A native of Costa Rica, she'll be able to show her some of the best surf spots around town. It'll be up to you to keep her upright long enough so she gets to enjoy the waves.

When she's not indulging herself in athletics, Natalia is one busy little beauty. Working with young ones has always been a passion for her, as she's produced a children's album and also worked on a children's television shows. In fact, her brunette hair and dazzling eyes are enough to make you feel young all over again.

At just 20-years old, Natalia is still young at heart. She also loves to be the center of attention. Something tells us that you won't mind obliging her.