Diana Chiafair ♥

Diana Chiafair
Biographic Data Points

Call her old fashioned or retro, but Diana Chiafair was waiting for the perfect man to share herself with. You didn't misread that - she's a virgin. They still exist, even in their mid-twenties. Diana won Miss FHM in 2006, and has also starred in assortment of country music videos, including artists Travis Tritt and Toby Keith.

If you're looking for a reason to stab out your eyeballs, then we've found one for you; Diana is no longer a virgin. She had saved herself for marriage and is now hitched to Baltimore Orioles second baseman and two-time All-Star Brian Roberts. So he plays professional sports and is married to a gorgeous woman like Diana? Seriously, we here at BetUS are happy for Diana and Brian. There are few girls out there who keep things old fashioned, but that doesn't mean she's the only one…right? Right?