Ericka Underwood ♥ 2008

Ericka Underwood
Biographic Data Points

With a girl next door look, and beautiful green eyes, it's easy to see what makes Ericka Underwood so special. This small town girl grew up in St. Louis, Michigan and has since gone on to bigger and better things. Ericka is yet again proof that good things come in small packages. Standing at just 5-foot-4 we here at BetUS easily voted her as the Best Butt for the 2008 Calendar Girls.

Luck just seems to follow the charmed Ericka around. When she turned 18, Ericka applied to Hooters and they obviously saw how qualified she was. She was almost instantly asked to be in their calendar, and she thankfully obliged them. As Ericka was leaving Florida, she was approached by a woman who couldn't ignore Ericka's talents. That woman signed her to the Hawaiian Tropics contest and Ericka finished in the top-three for the Hawaiian Tropic Biker show.

From FHM, to Benchwarmer Trading Cards to Hot Boats Magazines, Ericka is so fine that she is currently also working as a fitness model as well. With serendipity on her side, and banging body, Ericka could very well be the good luck charm you've been waiting for.