Jillian Beyor
Biographic Data Points

Jillian has done it all, and not in the way you're thinking. Though she was born in the New Hampshire area, it wasn't long before she found herself moving to Florida shortly after high school. The move was a perfect fit for Jillian, who found herself modeling for Hawaiian Tropic very quickly. A top-10 finish at the Hawaiian Tropic Miss USA Pageant would open all sorts of door for Jillian.

Most notably, Beyor was voted Coed of the Month in October 2006 for Playboy and her initial beginning with Hefner would cause her career to break out, just like her body does in a bikini top. Two years later Jillian would win the coveted Playboy Model of the Year award and continues to work closely with Hugh Hefner. The man has great taste.

Much to the chagrin of her fan base, Jillian was inadvertently voted off of Beauty and the Geek, a hit reality TV shot on the CW Network, during its fifth season. The beauties and geeks played in a fantasy football game during one episode, and each team had to volunteer someone to join the other side. Jillian, being a team player, went over to the geeks' team and then it was revealed that whomever volunteered would be cut form the show.

We'd never be so brazen as to trick Jillian like that. After all, a good relationship starts with trust, and she better believe that she's already entrusted with our hearts.