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Angels Taking Flight: Ron Washington’s Playbook for Success

For many, betting on the Los Angeles Angels to make the playoffs in 2024 is laughable. And that’s fine, I get it. But they laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he’s up there, laughing at them

Manager Ron Washington aims to realign the Angels with an identity reminiscent of their era under Mike Scioscia, recalling his time managing the Texas Rangers from 2007-14 in the American League West. The MLB news this spring is Washington has been dedicated to transforming the organizational ethos, focusing on mastering the basics. His philosophy centers on aggressive base running, error-free defense, and pitchers taking control by staying ahead in counts and avoiding walks. Washington’s approach is simple, intending to streamline the players’ focus without overburdening them with complexities.

Angels Taking Flight: Ron Washington's Playbook for Success
Mike Trout #27 of the Los Angeles Angels-Katharine Lotze/Getty Images/AFP


Los Angeles Angels (+700) to Make the Playoffs

Something I didn’t expect to see on my 2024 bingo card was writing an article recommending a bet online in favor of the Los Angeles Angels. But, after careful deliberation, here we are. About to dive into an MLB betting preview about LA making the playoffs just months after losing their most talented player.

The 2023 season saw the Los Angeles Angels ambitiously vie for a playoff spot, edging within three games of the wild card by July’s end, only to fall short as the season progressed. Their aggressive strategy, involving the acquisition of six major league veterans in exchange for seven minor leaguers, ultimately failed to ignite a successful push, leading them to the worst American League record post-August.

Post-season developments saw the Angels parting ways with Shohei Ohtani, marking a significant shift. General Manager Perry Minasian seems reluctant to initiate a full-scale rebuild despite this. With stars like Mike Trout anchoring the team, there’s still a glimmer of hope for the Angels, particularly if they can maintain their health.

Injuries have notably undermined the team’s potential, with Anthony Rendon appearing in just 148 out of a possible 468 games and Trout appearing in 237 over the last three seasons. However, if these key players can avoid injuries, the Angels may be able to turn things around.

Though Ohtani now wears a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform and pitchers Tyler Anderson and Chase Silseth are uncertain, the Angels still harbor reasons for optimism. Mike Trout remains a formidable presence, supported by a lineup that, despite skepticism, Fangraphs predicts will hit 193 home runs. Notably, this includes a conservative estimate for Nolan Arenado, whose commitment to baseball has been questioned.

Under the leadership of new manager Ron Washington, the Angels are embracing a fresh direction. Despite their historically high payrolls and celebrity-filled lineup, they’re no longer seen as frontrunners. In 2024, the team is set to embark on their journey from underdogs to contenders.

Additionally, the Angels might see a star in the making with lefty Reid Detmers, tipped by the latest MLB news to be one of the AL’s standout pitchers. With potential improvements and a healthier roster, the Angels could realistically close the gap needed to re-enter the wild card conversation, transforming last season’s disappointments into this year’s success story.

At +700, and with a couple of the best players in the world at their position, there are few riskier MLB picks one could make for the 2024 season. But high risk pays off when you bet on sports.



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