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100 Steals in MLB? Bet on Elly De La Cruz at +300 Odds!

Ladies and gents, gather ’round for the tale of Elly De La Cruz, a name that’s making yesteryear base stealers like Rickey Henderson and Vince Coleman sweat in their rocking chairs.

Picture this: it’s a thrilling Thursday night at Dodger Stadium, and Elly De La Cruz is turning the base paths into his personal racetrack with four lightning-fast swipes. A feat he accomplished just last week. He even dared to attempt a fifth, but let’s cut him some slack – after all, nobody’s perfect.

100 Steals in MLB? Bet on Elly De La Cruz at +300 Odds!
Elly De La Cruz #44 Of The Cincinnati Reds / Harry How / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via Afp

This guy is a whirlwind in cleats, and if you think he’s done, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride. With MLB odds out for Cruz to steal 100 bases, let’s delve into the stats and projections for this potentially record-breaking event.


Is Elly De La Cruz a Good Bet to Go Over 99½ Steals?

De La Cruz has stolen 30 bases in just 35 attempts this season. That’s more than 18 entire MLB teams have managed. Yes, you read that right. He’s not just leading the league; he’s lapping the field like a cheetah chasing a nap. Let’s be real – the guy’s got a .352 on-base percentage and now bats second, so he’s getting ample chances to showcase his speed. And with the rule changes favoring base stealers, the universe seems to be conspiring to let this kid shine.

But wait, there’s more! Historically, only legends like Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines, and Vince Coleman have swiped 30 bags in their team’s first 47 games. Elly’s now part of that elite club, and he’s not just knocking on the door of greatness – he’s kicking it down. He’s on track for roughly 110 steals if he keeps up this pace. That’s Vince Coleman territory, folks, and the last time anyone saw 100 steals was back in ’87.



Remember the ‘dead zone for steals’ from 2018-2022? This was a period in Major League Baseball where base stealing was relatively low, with the best anyone could do being Jon Berti’s 41 swipes in 2022. Then MLB decided to spice things up with new rules, and De La Cruz is the poster child for this stolen base renaissance. We’re now seeing the most 40-steal seasons in a decade, and Elly is leading this charge like a modern-day base-thieving Robin Hood.

He’s already outpacing Rickey Henderson’s 100-steal seasons, which are considered a rare and significant achievement in baseball history, in terms of success rate. De La Cruz has more multi-steal games than some players have steals, period. He’s racked up three steals twice and just had a four-steal game. This kid is on fire, and there’s no putting him out.

The Reds’ record for stolen bases in the modern era is 81 by Bob Bescher in 1911, and Eric Davis came close with 80 in 1986. Breaking that record should be doable if De La Cruz stays healthy (and we’re all knocking on wood here).

So here’s the bottom line: Elly De La Cruz is on a historic tear, and betting on him to go over 99.5 stolen bases at a +300 betting line is not just a smart move; it’s practically a steal.

Get in on the action and ride this speedster to the bank – because De La Cruz is rewriting the book on base stealing, one swipe at a time.



Questions of the Day

What is the single-season MLB steals record?

In the modern era, Rickey Henderson holds the single-season steals record with an astonishing 130 swipes.

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