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Live Betting Weekly: Find Relief in MLB

MLB Live betting at BetUS Sportsbooks continues to draw a crowd thanks to the excitement and potential for quick profits. With the extra attention in-play betting is getting, I wanted to go over a couple of upcoming events rife with live betting value.

While it’s impossible to predict the future enough to make picks on live betting lines, we can offer some information to help you make the right choice.

Live Betting Weekly: Find Relief in MLB
Luis Robert Jr. #88 of the Chicago White Sox | Michael reaves/getty images/afp

Instead of highlighting a series or two for live MLB betting, I wanted to look at some player and team prop options that apply to several matchups.

In Bullpens, We Trust

Most weeks, I bash low-tier bullpens and talk about how profitable they are to bet against late in games. While it’s true that the Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals are fantastic to fade when the bullpen takes over, I feel like I need to show more love to the bullpens that are doing everything right.

Good bullpens can be just as profitable as their weak-armed counterparts. We just have to adjust the way we wager on them.

For example, the New York Yankees’ bullpen leads the MLB with a phenomenal 2.85 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 24 saves. They have achieved this impressive feat despite shouldering a heavy load while not at full strength.

Injuries of note include Tommy Kahnle, Jonathan Loaisiga, Ian Hamilton, Ryan Weber, Harold Cortijo and Scott Effross.

Somehow the Yankees still have fantastic depth in their bullpen. We don’t need to look further back than New York’s recent seven-game road trip. The Yankees had a chance to earn a save in five of those games and converted each one. The really interesting part was that each save was converted by a different player. The whole bullpen contributes, and the coaching staff has faith in multiple players to lock down the ninth inning in a save situation.

With such consistent and positive results, an MLB bet in favor of a save is worth a look when the Yankees are up late in the game.

Home Run King

For most of the season, we have overlooked one of the most popular MLB betting options available in play: the home run prop.

It’s hard enough to predict which players will produce when live-betting MLB games. But predicting which will hit a dinger is far harder. They are longshot bets at best and are hard to make suggestions about. However, I want to take a crack at naming one guy to consider betting on this prop during the upcoming week of games.

We talked about Shohei Ohtani last week regarding MLB picks on players to get a hit because he was on such a hot streak. We didn’t really dig into his power numbers of late.

The Unicorn has four home runs in his previous four games and 10 in his last nine games. This guy is truly otherworldly with the two-way skills he possesses. Shotime leads the Angels in every relevant offensive category and ranks at the top or near it on offense against the rest of the American League.

For our prop betting purposes, it helps that Ohtani leads the American League with 25 home runs. Luis Robert Jr. is next with 21.

While it’s a risky bet, no matter how you slice it, there are better spots than others to trust Ohtani to put one over the fence. For example, he has more than twice as many home runs against right-handed pitchers. He also has 40% more home runs on the road.

So, when you want to make some MLB picks on the live lines, consider a potential big winner in favor of Ohtani putting one into the bleachers.

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