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Spring Training Betting: MLB Tips and Picks

Baseball fans rejoice! The MLB is back in action, at least partially, with spring training up and running. With baseball back on the menu, we can jump back into MLB betting on the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues.

If you sit and do some research on the topic of spring training betting, you’ll see a lot of experts scoffing at the idea. But that is a shortsighted opinion by writers who recommend wagering on things like Super Bowl coin flips. The point is that any event with odds available is worth considering, and spring training is not as hard to beat as some posit. It’s a lazy opinion by those who don’t want to put in the work.

Spring Training Betting: MLB Tips and Picks
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The truth is there are sharp MLB betting experts who have found exploits in spring training, and I wanted to share a couple with you today.

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Betting Based on Managers

Like the preseason in football, spring training in baseball provides a preliminary glimpse into team strategies and player conditions. Before the regular season, this period is lengthy and optimal for beat writers and national sports journalists to gain unprecedented access to the teams. During spring training, managers become significantly more approachable and transparent, sharing insights they typically withhold during the regular season, helping with your MLB betting predictions.

During this time, discussions about the distribution of playing time among position players and the pitching lineup for upcoming games become common. Beat reporters and team public relations staff often share these details through social media platforms, providing fans and analysts with timely updates. It’s not uncommon for the number of pitches planned for a starting pitcher, the sequence of relievers and their designated innings to be disclosed beforehand.

The tweet above is a good example of useful information we can use to wager on spring training. Zack Greinke knew Miguel Vargas could not swing the bat due to recovering from injury. So, Grienke threw a couple of sub-60 mph balls down the middle and struck him out in four pitches. You can’t handicap a whole game in Las Vegas odds based on this nugget of info, but it’s an example of how managers are more open to sharing info during the spring than during the regular season.

This abundance of information can prove invaluable, particularly from a strategic and betting perspective. For instance, there might be scenarios where one team fields a lineup consisting predominantly of seasoned major league players. In contrast, the opposing team opts for a roster filled with minor league participants or players uncertain of their job security. Such disparities can significantly impact the outcome of the game.

Furthermore, spring training is a time for pitchers to refine specific aspects of their game. Managers, or the players themselves, might reveal that a pitcher is focusing on enhancing their fastball accuracy, leading to a game where the pitcher predominantly throws fastballs.

Alternatively, another pitcher might concentrate on improving their breaking balls, which could result in more walks and, consequently, shorter stints on the mound. Understanding these nuances and adjustments can offer a substantial advantage when making online betting decisions or analyzing the potential performance of teams and players for the upcoming season.

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Find the Right Pitching Matchups

As spring training progresses, the workload for starting pitchers increases significantly. These athletes are often tasked with pitching at least five innings per game. This extended play offers a clearer perspective on what to anticipate from the pitching staff.

Ideally, the most advantageous scenario unfolds when a team’s leading pitcher, or ace, faces off against either an opponent’s No. 4 or No. 5 starter or a young prospect attempting to make their mark and secure a position in the majors.

During the spring sessions, managers typically maintain a consistent approach regarding their pitching lineup. They tend to stick with their pitchers for longer durations, even if the pitcher is struggling significantly or “getting hammered,” since the main focus is on building stamina and assessing performance rather than the immediate outcome of the game.

This ties into MLB live betting as well. Because pitchers are left in the game even if they are getting crushed, this can lead to outrageously high scores, and the live odds don’t usually adjust for such catastrophic performances.

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Questions of the Day

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Opening Day for the MLB is on Thursday, March 28. Technically, that isn’t the first day of regular season games. The Dodgers and Padres will play in Korea’s Seoul Series on March 20-21.

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After signing two mega-stars during the offseason, it’s no surprise that the LA Dodgers lead the MLB odds to win the World Series at +450.

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