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Yamamoto Heads Predictions for NL Rookie of the Year

With just 48 hours until the 2024 MLB season kicks off, sports bettors are closely examining the Rookie of the Year odds to spot emerging stars worth wagering on. In the National League, the odds heavily favor Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the well-compensated rookie starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, the latest MLB news is not in his favor, and his position as the front-runner weakened after a challenging debut in the regular-season Seoul Series.


Yamamoto Heads Predictions for NL Rookie of the Year
Los Angeles Dodgers' Shohei Ohtani/Jung Yeon-je / AFP

Yamamoto is still favored at +250 odds and is one of the most fascinating rookies in years. The 25-year-old from Japan received the biggest contract for a pitcher in the sport’s history before pitching in the majors, earning a 12-year, $325 million deal from the Dodgers in the offseason.

Pete Crow-Armstrong and Jackson Merrill are longer shots to win the award. The former will begin the season at Triple-A. Merrill, however, will be the San Diego Padres’ Opening Day center fielder after a strong spring training.

Let’s dig into the MLB odds for NL Rookie of the Year, highlight the contenders, and make some profitable predictions.





NL Rookie of the Year Predictions

While Yamamoto is the favorite to win, his MLB odds already took a hit after the outright disaster that was his first regular-season start. Before he got rocked by the Padres, Yamamoto was +175 to win the Rookie of the Year. After he got pulled in the second inning for allowing five runs on four hits, the Vegas MLB betting odds fell to +250. The good news is that Yamamoto is still a great talent and now we can bet online in his favor with better odds.


San Francisco’s Jung Hoo Lee, known for his agility, has impressively maintained a .340/.407/.491 batting line across seven KBO seasons. His ex-teammate, Ha-Seong Kim, has already paved the way for KBO hitters to adapt successfully to MLB standards, although it took him a transitional season to adjust. In spring training, Lee has already begun to stand out, initiating a five-run rally in the first inning with a leadoff hit. His speed remains intact after ankle surgery, positioning him as a crucial leadoff hitter for the Giants. He is expected to consistently play center field from the season’s start.


Meanwhile, Churio, a dynamic talent, is anticipated to significantly contribute to the youthful Milwaukee Brewers lineup. Without any major league experience, Churio still impressed with a .280 average, 22 homers, and 84 RBIs over 122 games at the Double-A level, and an outstanding .333 in a 14-game stint at Triple-A.

If you are looking for a dark horse to bet online for the 2024 NL Rookie of the Year, I suggest looking at the Giants’ Kyle Harrison (+1400). This left-handed pitcher from the Giants is showing signs of becoming a long-term star, starting this season. It’s unusual for a rookie to be included in the starting rotation from the get-go, but his exceptional skills suggest he’ll rack up numerous strikeouts.



Questions Of The Day

Who is the favorite to win the AL Rookie of the Year?

Rangers rookie Wyatt Langford leads the pack with MLB betting odds of +225 over Evan Carter’s +300 and Jackson Holliday’s +400.

Who is favored to win the NL Manager of the Year award?

Consensus MLB lines say that Cubs manager Craig Counsell (+600) will win the 2024 NL Manager of the Year award.

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