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2 Plus-Money Props Highlight Monday MLB Parlay Picks

Monday’s parlay action is all about high stakes and big payoffs. With Paul Skenes set to mow down the Cincinnati Reds’ lineup and Boston’s Nick Pivetta poised to struggle against the Toronto Blue Jays, the stage is set for an exhilarating night of baseball. Skenes, with his blazing fastball and elite strikeout rate, is primed to surpass 8.5 strikeouts. Meanwhile, Pivetta faces a relentless Toronto lineup ready to rack up runs.

These picks promise excitement and a great chance to cash in on tempting MLB odds.

2 Plus-Money Props Highlight Monday MLB Parlay Picks
Paul Skenes #30 | Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images/AFP

MLB Parlay Picks: Ride Skenes, Fade Pivetta

1. Pirates SP Paul Skenes Over 8.5 Strikeouts (+141)

Paul Skenes has been nothing short of phenomenal, effortlessly throwing 100 mph fastballs that have left batters flailing. He’ll face the Cincinnati Reds in Pittsburgh on Monday, and I’m confident he’ll dominate.

The Reds have shown more discipline at the plate recently, but they’ve never faced a pitcher like Skenes. The 2023 No. 1 overall pick boasts a staggering 35.4% strikeout rate, putting him in the top 3% of all pitchers. The Reds also rank third in the league for strikeouts against right-handed pitchers, with a 26.3% rate.

Here’s a key stat: Four Reds players have strikeout rates exceeding 24%. With Skenes’ strikeout prowess, nine strikeouts are not only achievable but probable. I’m eager to watch him make quick work of this lineup.

Skenes’ fastball averages over 99 mph, and he’s striking out 34.5% of batters he faces, averaging 12.42 strikeouts per nine innings. If he pitches into the seventh inning tonight, surpassing 8.5 strikeouts is well within his grasp.

While Skenes has only gone over this strikeout prop in two of his six starts, those performances came against the strikeout-prone Tigers and Cubs. With their even higher strikeout rates, the Reds should provide ample opportunities for Skenes to rack up Ks.

With a tempting +141 payout, this bet online is too good to pass up.

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2. Red Sox SP Nick Pivetta Over 2.5 Earned Runs (+129)

Pivetta’s season stats show a 3.88 ERA with a 3-4 record. Last Wednesday, he generously donated four earned runs to the opposition, and over his previous five starts, he’s averaging 2.40 earned runs. That’s like handing out Halloween candy – he has plenty to give! In three of Boston’s last seven games and five of the previous 14, Pivetta has let at least 2.5 earned runs slip through.

Toronto’s lineup has been whiffing only 15.3% of the time against righties, and I feel something is bound to go wrong for our man, Nick.

The Blue Jays are patient and powerful at the plate, drawing walks like it’s a stroll in the park (at an 11% rate) and hitting a .341 wOBA against right-handed pitchers in the last month. They’re basically the annoying friend who won’t leave until they’ve finished all your snacks and cleaned out the fridge. Pivetta is going to have his hands full.

With Toronto making every out a challenge, Pivetta’s pitch count is going to skyrocket faster than a kid on a sugar rush. And when his arm gets tired, the Blue Jays will pounce, putting more balls into play and driving up those earned runs.


Best Parlay Bet Today

Paul Skenes Over 8.5 Strikeouts (+141)

Nick Pivetta Over 2.5 Earned Runs (+129)



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