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At this Sale Price, Friday MLB Parlay a Can’t-Miss Bet

Get ready for a thrilling Friday night MLB parlay. We’re backing Chris Sale to rack up the strikeouts against the Tampa Bay Rays and Luis Gil to keep the Boston Red Sox at bay. Sale’s been a strikeout machine for the Atlanta Braves while Gil’s been nearly untouchable with the New York Yankees. With stats on our side and tasty matchups, these bets are set to deliver.


At this Sale Price, Friday MLB Parlay a Can’t-Miss Bet
Chris Sale #51 of the Atlanta Braves / Jess Rapfogel / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via Afp

MLB Today Parlay Picks

Braves SP Chris Sale Over 7.5 Strikeouts (+102)

Chris Sale is set to take on the Tampa Bay Rays tonight, and we’re backing him to notch at least eight strikeouts. Why? Because sometimes the numbers just scream: “TAKE MY MONEY!

First off, the Rays are striking out like it’s going out of style. They’ve whiffed at a 25.3% clip against left-handed pitching, which is fourth-highest in MLB. Meanwhile, Sale has been dishing out K’s like a Jersey diner slinging burned cups of coffee: 11 per nine innings. And in six of his last seven starts, he’s hit the magical 8-K mark. Plus money on this bet? Yes, please.

Man, isn’t it great to see the guy back in his groove? The 35-year-old is 8-2 this season with a 31.1% strikeout rate, which puts him in the 91st percentile. He still throws a mean 95 mph fastball, but his slider is the stuff of nightmares for batters. It’s like a haunted house for knees — they buckle just thinking about it.

The Rays’ lineup has been a strikeout factory, especially against lefties. They’ve struck out 27% of the time versus southpaws, and since they DFA’d Harold Ramirez, that number has ballooned to 30.3%.

So, take a deep breath, embrace the stats, and bet on Chris Sale to go over 7.5 strikeouts tonight. It’s a mouthwatering matchup, and we’re here to help you feast on the potential winnings.


Yankees SP Luis Gil Under 2.5 Earned Runs (-143)

Yankees right-hander Luis Gil is set to take the mound against the Red Sox on Friday, and we’re banking on him to keep the scoreboard as clean as a whistle.

First, let’s talk about his last outing. Sure, he gave up three runs over 5.2 innings against the Dodgers, but come on – it’s the Dodgers! They’re one of the toughest teams to pitch against. That broke a streak of seven straight starts where he allowed one run or less.

Since the beginning of May, Gil has been as good as gold, and there’s no reason that he won’t bounce back against Boston. The Red Sox have some solid hitters, but they will have a tough time against a guy mowing down batters like a lawnmower running on nitro-methane.

Opponents are hitting just .137 against Gil this season. That’s like trying to churn butter with a toothpick — good luck with that. Left-handed batters are faring even worse, hitting just .128. It’s like they’re swinging at invisible pitches. And with a slugging percentage of just .243, it’s clear that when batters make contact, they’re hitting marshmallows.

When Gil gets to two strikes, it’s game over for the batter. They’re hitting a microscopic .079 against him. And it’s not just a one-off — this guy has an AL-best 1.82 ERA and followed up a dominant May by allowing just one hit over six scoreless innings against the Twins. Gil is on fire, and the Red Sox are about to get burned.

Yes, Yankees-Red Sox games at Fenway Park are notorious for being slugfests, but Gil is the fire extinguisher to that inferno.


Best MLB Parlay Bet Today:

Chris Sale Over 7.5 Strikeouts +102

Luis Gil Under 2.5 Earned Runs -143



Odds and information are accurate at the time of writing. Please check with official sources for the latest updates before placing any bets.


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