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Dodgers Nation Holding Its Breath: Will 2024 Be Their Year?

As the Los Angeles Dodgers embarked on an unprecedented $1 billion spending spree this off-season, they set the stage for one of the most eagerly awaited seasons in their storied history and potentially in baseball. Acquiring high-caliber talents like Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto to pair with Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman has constructed what many call a baseball “Super Team.

The MLB future odds list the super team with the best odds of winning the World Series at +350.

Dodgers Nation Holding Its Breath: Will 2024 Be Their Year?
Dodgers Nation Holding Its Breath: Will 2024 Be Their Year?


Their arrival in Seoul last Friday highlighted the global fanfare and high expectations surrounding them. The Dodgers are under immense pressure to win it all in the 2024 season; anything less than a World Series victory will be deemed a disappointment. This intense spotlight raises the question: Can the Dodgers fulfill their destiny and clinch the World Series title? This article explores their chances and the monumental expectations set upon this star-studded team.


What Has to Go Right for LA to Win the World Series?

Significant improvements in the Los Angeles Dodgers starting rotation are crucial for their ultimate goal this season. Last year, their early exit from the National League Division Series was largely due to struggles with starting pitching, exacerbated by Clayton Kershaw’s injury and lackluster performances from Lance Lynn and rookie Bobby Miller.

To prevent a repeat of last year’s disappointments, the Dodgers have made significant moves, acquiring Tyler Glasnow and signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a groundbreaking 12-year, $325 million contract. Although Glasnow has faced challenges with injuries and has yet to surpass 120 innings in a season, he’s optimistic about his durability for 2024. Meanwhile, adapting Yamamoto to the Major League’s rigorous schedule and maintaining his performance will be essential.

While the star-studded lineup featuring Mookie Betts, Shohei Ohtani, and Freddie Freeman will naturally garner much attention, the success of the Dodgers hinges significantly on enhanced outcomes from their starting pitchers. The team’s ability to solidify rotation could dictate their ability to make good on their World Series odds.


What Could Go Wrong to Derail the Dodgers Championship Aspirations?

The Dodgers face immense expectations this season, measured solely by their World Series ambitions. With a history of recent postseason letdowns, including a 7–12 record since their 2020 World Series win and six straight losses, they carry significant baggage. Their postseason performance has been lackluster, with the offense generating just 3.47 runs per game and a 3–11 record in games without multiple home runs.

Despite his struggles in Spring Training with an 8.38 ERA over three starts, Yamamoto is expected to excel. The 25-year-old Japanese standout, who struck out 14 in 9 2/3 innings, has been seen as a significant asset, reflected by his record contract. The Dodgers remain optimistic about his regular season impact. But we can’t overlook his abortive spring, pitching against MLB talent for the first time.

The infield will be scrutinized defensively, notably Betts’ transition to shortstop and Max Muncy’s previous weaknesses at third base. Despite Gavin Lux’s spring-throwing issues prompting Betts’ shift and Muncy’s past defensive flaws, improvements have been noted, especially with Muncy arriving in better shape this spring.

The narrative around baseball’s financial disparity grows, with the Dodgers and Mets at the forefront of the “super-haves” due to their substantial payrolls. However, the postseason remains baseball’s great leveler, demonstrating that outcomes remain unpredictable despite the growing resource gap. Manager Joe Maddon’s “Embrace the Target” mantra highlights the dual nature of high expectations, as seen with the 2016 Cubs’ success versus the struggles of the 2023 Mets and Padres.


Are the Dodgers a Worthy MLB Pick?

Betting on preseason favorites may seem like a brilliant idea, but things rarely go according to how teams and bettors plan. Just take the 2023 New York Mets as an example. The team entered the season with the highest payroll in MLB history, only to fail at almost every level of baseball. They finished 75-87, leaving them 29 games out of first place.

I’m not saying the Dodgers are going to finish below .500; heck, they might even set a new franchise record for wins in a season. However, regarding their chances of winning the World Series, I say it’s best to bet online or elsewhere.



Questions Of The Day

Who will be the Dodgers “MVP” in 2024?

Shohei Ohtani might be the most talented baseball player in the world, but I think that, regarding the 2024 Dodgers, Mookie Betts will be the player to lead the offense.

Will Freddie Freeman hit his 350th career home run in 2024?

Current Vegas MLB betting odds suggest that Freeman won’t hit his 350th HR in 2024, with the current line at +150. However, that is a good value for the talented Dodger to reach this historic milestone.

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