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Bet Big on Twins: Hudson’s Struggles Make Minnesota a F5 Lock

Picture this: you’re on a rollercoaster that’s supposed to thrill you with its ups and downs, but instead, it just makes you question your life choices. That’s Dakota Hudson on the mound for the Colorado Rockies, and today, we’re going to exploit his inconsistency for a solid MLB betting opportunity.


Bet Big on Twins: Hudson’s Struggles Make Minnesota a F5 Lock
Starting pitcher Dakota Hudson #32 of the Colorado Rockies-Matthew Stockman/Getty Images/AFP

First Five Innings Bet: Twins -½ (-145)

It’s time to put Hudson on the chopping block as the Minnesota Twins take on the Colorado Rockies. Hudson’s 2024 season has been like a rollercoaster with all the thrills but none of the excitement. Sporting a 5.25 ERA over 61.2 innings and a K/BB ratio that screams “throwing darts blindfolded” (5.11 K/9 and 4.82 BB/9), Hudson is the gift that keeps on giving… to opposing hitters.

While Hudson’s performance has been lackluster, the Twins have been on fire against right-handed pitchers. They’re not just hitting; they’re Hulk-smashing, ranking in the top 10 in runs, home runs, RBIs, and ISO against righties. Carlos Correa, with his impressive .286 average against RHP and 14 extra-base hits, is poised to continue his streak of multi-hit games and drive in runs with style. He’s a great addition to your MLB picks if you’re looking for player props on Monday. Another prop option is Royce Lewis, who is back in action and has hits in four of his last five games, including two homers. His power against righties is like a recurring nightmare for pitchers, as 14 of his 15 homers last season came against them.

Here’s a key stat: Hudson’s kryptonite is left-handed hitters. They’re slashing .286/.396/.455 against him this season, and they’ve already hit five homers. His declining fastball velocity and failing metrics only add to the concern.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Twins’ secret weapon: Chris Paddack. Despite his 5.26 ERA, Paddack’s 4.20 xERA suggests he’s been more unlucky than bad. With elite command and a couple of above-average pitches, Paddack is poised for a breakout. The Rockies, ranking 29th against righties (80 wRC+) and 25th against lefties (85 wRC+), are the perfect opponent for Paddack to regain his groove.

So, bet on the Twins to cover the ½ run spread for the first five innings. It’s like betting on a cooking competition between a Michelin Star chef and a college stoner who just discovered instant noodles.


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