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Pair of MLB Player Prop Picks to Parlay for Day 2

Friday’s MLB parlay shifts gears from game props to instead highlight two players worth betting on to end the week. Houston’s Chas McCormick takes on Carlos Rodon and the New York Yankees on Friday. McCormick matches up well against the Bronx Bombers, as do the rest of the Astros, who tend to beat up on left-handed pitching. Meanwhile, Martin Perez has a history of falling short of strikeout total predictions, and Friday will be more of the same from the Pittsburgh Pirates starter.

Let’s dive into our best bets in MLB Friday that we can parlay together for maximum profits.

Pair of MLB Player Prop Picks to Parlay for Day 2
Chas McCormick #20 of the Houston Astros | Tim Warner/Getty Images/AFP


MLB Parlay Leg 1: Chas McCormick 2+ Total Bases (+119)

I’m hesitant to place my confidence in Yankees lefty Carlos Rodon as the season starts. Analyzing his performance last season, Rodon showed vulnerabilities. He faced 286 batters with a .237 isolated power (ISO) and a weighted on-base average (wOBA) of .363, alongside a .236 ISO and .369 wOBA against 236 right-handed hitters. Moreover, Rodon’s tendency to allow nearly 40% fly balls and 24.8% line drives to righties highlights a significant area of concern.

In contrast, looking at the Astros lineup, they exhibit strong performance against left-handed pitchers, making them formidable opponents for Rodon. Among them, Chas McCormick shines particularly bright. His impressive .290 ISO and .441 wOBA against 148 left-handed pitchers last year signify his potential impact. Expected to occupy the sixth spot in the lineup, McCormick is poised for crucial at-bats, often in high-pressure situations with teammates on base.

Given these considerations, making an MLB bet on McCormick to excel in his matchup against Rodon seems wise. Until Rodon returns to form, I’ll be cautious and keep my expectations in check regarding his performances.



MLB Parlay Leg 2: Martin Perez Under 3.5 Strikeouts (-108)

Martin Perez faced notable difficulties last season, ranking in the bottom fifth percentile for strikeout rate and even lower in whiff rate, underscoring his challenges in generating strikeouts. Against a Miami Marlins lineup that ranked 23rd in team strikeout rate last season but is anticipated to improve with Tim Anderson’s addition, Perez’s task doesn’t get easier. This was evident when the Marlins limited their strikeouts to six over 12 innings in their season opener.

Analyzing Perez’s performance further, he didn’t meet his strikeout threshold in 12 out of 20 starts last season, suggesting an implied odds of -150 that he’ll fall short again tonight. Considering these statistics and matchup dynamics, my gut supports MLB betting on Perez to stay under his strikeout threshold. I estimate Perez for fewer than four strikeouts in this game, making the under bet online a top recommendation.

This MLB pick Friday draws from Perez’s past performance and the current composition of the Marlins lineup to inform expectations for tonight’s game.



Questions Of The Day

Who is the biggest MLB betting underdog on Friday?

The Rockies and Cardinals are both +195 on the moneyline when they play the Diamondbacks and Dodgers, respectively.

What MLB game features the highest total on Friday?

The Rockies vs Diamondbacks and Yankees vs Astros games both have a betting total of nine runs.

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