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Pitcher’s Paradise: Bet Under for Mariners vs Rays First Five Innings

Buckle up, baseball fans, because Monday night’s matchup between the Seattle Mariners and the Tampa Bay Rays is set to be a pitching masterclass. With both teams’ offenses stuck in a funk and their pitchers in top form, betting on the first five-inning total to go under 4 runs is a winning wager. Let’s dive into why this MLB pick will make you look like a genius.


Pitcher’s Paradise: Bet Under for Mariners vs Rays First Five Innings
Josh Lowe #15 of the Tampa Bay Rays - Justin Berl/Getty Images/AFP

First Five Innings Bet: Mariners vs Rays Under 4 Runs

Lately, the Mariners’ offense has been about as lively as a Monday morning without coffee. They’ve dropped four of their last five games; in those losses, they haven’t scored more than four runs. Enter Taj Bradley, who’s been dealing like a Vegas blackjack dealer.

Over his last three starts, Bradley has allowed just three earned runs in 18 innings, striking out 21 batters along the way. Considering the Mariners lead MLB in strikeouts per game, Bradley might as well be setting up a strikeout clinic on Monday night.

If Bradley is the appetizer in our defensive feast, Bryan Woo is the main course. Sporting a sparkling 1.67 ERA, Woo has been serving up goose eggs like it’s an Easter tradition. In seven starts, he’s held opponents scoreless in four games and hasn’t allowed more than three runs in any outing. Given that the Rays rank 20th in first-inning runs and 24th in overall run scoring, they might as well be bringing a spork to a gunfight against Woo.

Let’s not forget the Rays’ offense, which has been about as reliable as a weather forecast. They’re hanging out near the bottom of the league in critical offensive metrics like Team Total Hits, RBIs and On-Base Percentage. That’s not exactly the recipe for lighting up the scoreboard. And while Bradley’s ERA sits at 4.06, he’s due for some positive regression, particularly against a Mariners lineup that’s been more miss than hit lately.


Seattle’s offense has been playing worse than a DJ at a silent disco, relying heavily on its stellar defense to maintain their lead in the AL West. The lack of offensive firepower bodes well for a low-scoring affair, especially in the early innings, where nerves and fresh pitchers keep bats quiet.

With both teams bringing their A-game pitchers and their Z-game offenses, betting the first five-inning total to go under 4 runs is like betting on water to be wet. It’s practically guaranteed.

So, sit back, enjoy the pitching duel and watch those runs stay right where we want them: off the scoreboard.



Odds and information are accurate at the time of writing. Please check with official sources for the latest updates before placing any bets.


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