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Strike First Five Gold: Cubs’ Imanaga to Put Clamps on Brewers

If you’re considering betting on the Chicago Cubs’ First Five Innings Moneyline (F5 ML) against the Milwaukee Brewers, here’s why it’s a standout choice. The secret weapon for the Cubs is Shota Imanaga, a lefty who’s been consistently dominant, especially in the early innings of games.


Strike First Five Gold: Cubs’ Imanaga to Put Clamps on Brewers
Shota Imanaga #18 | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/AFP

With a stellar 0.84 ERA and impressive strikeout-to-walk ratio, Imanaga has yet to allow a run in the first inning of his nine starts. Even with the Cubs’ offense slumping a bit recently, I think, based on Imanaga’s early-game successes, that Chicago is the best F5 bet here.


Cubs F5 ML (-150) vs Brewers

Looking at the Cubs’ First Five Innings Moneyline (F5 ML) against the Brewers, here’s why it’s a standout bet. The game-changer? Imanaga, the Japanese lefty who’s been consistently outstanding, particularly in the early innings of games.


Imanaga is rocking a stellar 0.84 ERA and a 0.91 WHIP this season, having struck out 58 batters over 53.2 innings. His 23.4% K-BB% indicates his exceptional command and ability to dominate hitters. More importantly, Imanaga has not allowed a single first-inning run. Talk about starting strong.

Imanaga’s success isn’t just a fluke. His 2.62 xERA shows that solid underlying metrics back his performance. Despite his high strand rate, which suggests he’s been a bit lucky, his skills are undeniable and make him a formidable opponent, especially for teams facing him for the first time.

On the flip side, we have Bryse Wilson for the Brewers. While his surface stats may seem respectable with a 2.86 ERA, a deeper look reveals a different story. His 4.43 xERA and 11.7% K-BB% suggest he’s been quite fortunate this season. Wilson’s .235 BABIP and 90.3% strand rate are unsustainably low compared to his career averages. In other words, Wilson’s success seems to be riding on a wave of good luck that’s likely to crash soon.

The Brewers have a stronger bullpen overall, ranking ninth in xFIP, 13th in K-BB% and fifth compared to the Cubs’ 17th and 14th rankings in those same categories. But why leave the outcome to the bullpens? By concentrating on the F5 ML, we allow Imanaga to work his early-inning magic without the uncertainty of the bullpen matchups later on.

Despite a recent slump with a .511 OPS in the early innings over the last 14 days, the Cubs’ offense should be able to muster enough support against Wilson. Even if the Brewers had the best lineup in the majors, I’d still trust Imanaga to get us out of the fifth inning unscathed.



MLB betting on the Cubs F5 ML is a smart play. With Imanaga’s elite pitching in the early innings and Wilson’s unsustainable success, this bet looks promising. So, let’s sit back, relax and watch Imanaga mow down the Brewers lineup.

Remember, we’re not just betting on the Cubs; we’re betting on Imanaga to continue his epic season, and that’s a bet worth making!





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