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MLB Monday Pitcher Parlay: Smart Bets on Stroman, Megill

Immerse yourself in Monday’s MLB action with astute bets on pitchers Tylor Megill and Marcus Stroman. Megill, making a comeback after a seven-week hiatus for the New York Mets, is up against a Cleveland lineup that rarely strikes out, making the under 3.5 strikeouts a shrewd choice. On the other hand, Stroman, who has been a standout in his first season with the New York Yankees, is facing a Seattle Mariners offense that is struggling to score, setting up an under 2.5 earned runs bet. 


MLB Monday Pitcher Parlay: Smart Bets on Stroman, Megill
Tylor Megill #38 of NY Mets - Gordon Donovan / NurPhoto


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Mets SP Tylor Megill Under 3.5 Strikeouts (-141)

Tonight’s opener between the Mets and the Cleveland Guardians brings Tylor Megill back to the mound after a seven-week hiatus due to a shoulder injury. While we’re excited to see Megill back, let’s temper our expectations with a bet on the Under 3.5 strikeouts at -141 MLB odds from BetUS Sportsbook.

First off, let’s look at the numbers. Megill has only faced 18 batters this season, striking out 22.2% but walking 16.7%. Not exactly inspiring confidence there. Last season, he struck out 18.5% of batters while allowing a .158 ISO and a wOBA of .355. Plus, he walked 10.2% of hitters. Let’s say he’s been more generous with his pitches than a well-tipped bartender on a Friday night.

Now, he’s up against a Guardians lineup that strikes out less often than a picky eater at a gourmet buffet — only 18% of the time! And get this: six of their batters have struck out below 16% against righties this season. Bring in Colin Quinn because Megill is facing a tough crowd here, folks.

Adding to the intrigue, Megill struck out four batters in just four innings against Milwaukee on March 31. Not bad, right? But hold your applause. He’s been on the injured list since then, and the Mets coaching staff will likely treat him like fine china — fragile and needing careful handling. Expect a pitch count of around 60, which doesn’t bode well for racking up strikeouts.

So, to sum up, we have a pitcher with limited recent action facing a contact-heavy lineup, under a likely pitch count, and fresh off the IL. Betting under 3.5 strikeouts seems like the smart play here. Besides, who doesn’t love cheering for fewer strikeouts and more contact? It’s like rooting for more action in the game!

Go ahead and lock in that bet online on the under.

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Yankees SP Marcus Stroman Under 2.5 Earned Runs (-150)

The Yankees are riding high on an seven-game winning streak, looking every bit like the hottest team in the league. Their lineup is sizzling, with Aaron Judge finally finding his groove after a slow start. But let’s turn our attention to tonight’s starter, Marcus Stroman, who’s been a standout in his first season with the Yankees.

Stroman is set to face the Mariners, whose offense seems to have taken a vacation. They’re sitting at 26th in runs per game and dead last in strikeout rate. It’s like they’re swinging with pool noodles instead of bats. The Mariners are hitting a measly .161 off Stroman, so buckle up for another impressive outing from him.

Stroman’s strikeouts can now be as unpredictable as a cat strung out on catnip. He’s gone over 5.5 strikeouts three times in nine starts, but let’s focus on a more reliable stat — his earned runs prop. Despite his ability to get swings and misses, the Mariners’ anemic offense makes the under 2.5 earned runs a juicy MLB pick.

Seattle leads the league in strikeouts, averaging over 10 per game. So, while Stroman racking up Ks isn’t off the table, we’re playing it safer today. Picture this: Stroman mowing down Mariners hitters left and right, keeping those runs off the board like a bouncer at an exclusive club.

So, if you’re hunting for a smart bet, take Stroman to go under 2.5 earned runs against the Mariners. Watch him dominate on the mound while you cash in on the action. Here’s to another stellar performance from Stroman and a savvy win for us!

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Which pitcher leads the MLB in strikeouts?

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