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Wednesday MLB Parlay: Bet on Hunter Brown + Freddie Freeman

Looking for a solid MLB parlay bet to boost your Wednesday wagers? Consider Astros’ Hunter Brown, who’s been dominating the mound with 13 scoreless innings and a 2.41 ERA over his last seven starts. Combine that with Dodgers’ Freddie Freeman, who’s tearing up right-handed pitchers with a .341 average and 10 RBIs in June alone.

This duo presents a golden opportunity for a winning wager. Dive into the stats and betting trends that highlight why going with Brown to go Under 2.5 earned runs and Freeman to go Over 0.5 Runs + RBIs is a smart and savvy play.

Wednesday MLB Parlay: Bet on Hunter Brown + Freddie Freeman
Hunter Brown #58 | John McCoy/Getty Images/AFP

MLB Parlay Bet Picks

Astros SP Hunter Brown Under 2.5 Earned Runs

Hunter Brown is pitching like he’s got a secret to success stashed in his glove. Not only has he thrown 13 straight innings without surrendering an earned run, but he’s also rocking a sparkling 2.41 ERA over his last seven starts. That’s the kind of stat line that would make even the most confident hitter consider taking up golf instead.

Brown’s five quality starts in his last six outings are more consistent than my morning coffee routine. And just like a great coffee, he’s found the perfect blend – relying more on his secondary pitches while giving his four-seam fastball a bit of a break. Sure, hitters are getting a .375 wOBA off his fastball in June, but let’s be honest, that’s just a minor hiccup in an otherwise masterful performance.

Betting on Brown to go Under 2.5 earned runs allowed feels like a winning proposition. His K ratio of over 4:1 means he’s making hitters miss more than a monkey with a piñata. Plus, at -159 MLB odds, it’s like finding money in your couch cushions – you didn’t expect it, but you’re sure glad it’s there.

So, let’s bet online for Brown to keep mowing down batters like a lawn care enthusiast on a Sunday morning. Just don’t forget to celebrate when he delivers – maybe with a toast to the man who’s making you look like betting geniuses.


Dodgers 1B Freddie Freeman Over 0.5 Runs + RBIs

Let’s dive into why betting on Freddie Freeman to go Over 0.5 Runs + RBIs on Wednesday is as close to a sure thing as you can get without consulting a crystal ball.

Freeman is on an absolute tear this season, especially when facing right-handed pitchers. He’s hitting an impressive .341 against them, making him second only to the hitting machine known as Luis Arraez. This isn’t just a flash in the pan; Freeman has made a career on his consistency at the plate.

Freddie has racked up 43 RBIs this season, with 10 of those coming in June alone. He’s also belted four home runs this month, proving that he’s more reliable than your morning alarm clock. But the real kicker? Freeman’s advanced stats show that he’s crushing the ball with a .345 average and a monstrous 1.152 OPS in June.

When Freeman steps into the batter’s box, he’s not just thinking about making contact – he’s thinking about sending that ball on a vacation. And with Shohei Ohtani and Will Smith batting ahead of him, Freeman will have plenty of opportunities to drive in runs. It’s like having two world-class chefs prepare the ingredients, and all Freddie has to do is make the perfect dish.

So, go ahead and place that bet. Freeman’s got the stats, the form, and the perfect setup to ensure he goes Over 0.5 Runs + RBIs. It’s a bet that’s more solid than a rock at Coors Field – and just as likely to take off into the stratosphere.


Best Parlay Bet Today

Hunter Brown Under 2.5 Earned Runs (-159)

Freddie Freeman Over 0.5 Runs + RBIs (-239)



Odds and information are accurate at the time of writing. Please check with official sources for the latest updates before placing any bets.


Questions of the Day

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Padres baller Luis Arraez leads the MLB in hits with 98.

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