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Win Big With Ranger Suarez! Phillies Same-Game Parlay Picks

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round as we delve into why Ranger Suarez is the man to bet on for Tuesday’s game. Suarez has been nothing short of phenomenal this season, making him a prime candidate for not one but two prop bets.


Win Big With Ranger Suarez! Phillies Same-Game Parlay Picks
Ranger Suarez-Philadelphia Phillies/Miguel Rodríguez/NurPhoto via AFP

We’re talking about betting on Suarez to allow under 5½ hits (+100) and under 2½ earned runs (-121). Buckle up because I’m about to break down the stats, trends and MLB odds for this same game parlay.


Phillies SP Ranger Suarez Under 5½ Hits Allowed (+100) & Under 2½ Earned Runs (-121)

First, let’s talk about Ranger Suarez’s current form. The lefty has been the crown jewel of the Phillies’ rotation, boasting an 8-0 record with a sparkling 1.37 ERA. That’s right, 1.37! Suarez is like the secret ingredient in a grandma’s Sunday sauce—unbeatable and essential. In his nine starts, he’s struck out 58 batters over 59 2/3 innings, ranking him second in ERA and first in WHIP (.763) among qualified pitchers this season. With numbers like these, he’s basically pitching like he’s allergic to runs.

Now, let’s dive into why betting on Suarez to go under 5.5 hits allowed is an intelligent move. This season, he has a penchant for keeping opposing lineups at bay, limiting them to four hits or fewer in seven of his nine starts. That’s like trying to play poker in the dark—frustratingly difficult for batters. Facing a Texas Rangers lineup that’s been shut out twice in the last six games and limited to three runs or less in seven of the previous nine, Suarez has the perfect setup to continue his dominance. The Rangers might as well bring a deck of cards to the plate because they’ll be playing a losing hand against Suarez.

Regarding dominance, Suarez’s history against the Rangers adds another layer of confidence. He’s already had success against most of their hitters, making Tuesday’s matchup feel like a rerun of your favorite sitcom—predictable but still satisfying. His ability to stifle hitters, combined with Texas’ recent offensive struggles, makes the under 5½ hits prop bet look like an easy win.

Next, let’s explore the under 2½ earned runs prop. Suarez hasn’t given up an earned run over his last 12 innings, spanning two starts. He’s been stingier than your uncle at a holiday dinner, holding opposing lineups to crumbs. He pitched five scoreless innings in his last outing against the Mets, allowing just four hits. With an ERA of 1.37 and the second-best mark in the league, betting on Suarez to keep the Rangers under 2.5 earned runs feels like betting on a metronome—pretty darn reliable.

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Combining these two MLB bets, you’re looking at some sweet odds. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to parlay these picks, you’ll get a nice payout that could make your wallet as happy as a clam. Betting on Suarez isn’t just smart; it’s a public service announcement for savvy bettors everywhere.

Your wallet will thank you later.

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Phillies Cy Young hopeful Ranger Suarez leads the league with eight wins and an 8-0 record.



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