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2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament Betting Tips, Picks

Get ready for an electrifying college baseball postseason! The regional round kicks off this weekend, with 64 teams vying for a coveted spot in the super regionals and a chance to compete in the College World Series in Omaha.


2024 NCAA Baseball Tournament Betting Tips, Picks
Jacob Hinderleider #6 of the Clemson Tigers - Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

Before you immerse yourself in the excitement of the NCAA Baseball Tournament, equip yourself with unique insights and strategies. This guide is your secret weapon, offering tailored advice for the NCAA Baseball Tournament and paving the way for a profitable betting experience.

Get hyped, and let’s make some money betting on teenagers playing ball.


Basics of the NCAA Tournament

The field of 64 is set and divided into 16 regionals across the country. Each regional will host the No. 1 seed, who will face off against three other teams seeded 2-4. The 1 seed is the home team and will open the weekend against the 4 seed.


Think of this round as a No. 1 seed vs. a No. 16 seed in March Madness.

What’s exciting about college baseball is the strategic depth. Some coaches choose to save their ace pitcher for a potential game against the winner of the 2 vs. 3 seed matchup. While the No. 1 seed is typically a heavy favorite against the 4 seed, upsets happen, making for thrilling games.

The four teams in each regional will compete in a double-elimination tournament over the weekend for a chance to advance to the Super Regionals the following weekend. It might seem complex, but remember the fundamental rule: Don’t lose twice in any round.

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2024 CWS Contenders

This year’s College World Series field is stacked with excitement. It features defending champion LSU, runner-up Florida and four other teams from the 2023 tournament, alongside current powerhouses Tennessee and Texas A&M.

Tennessee, slightly favored at +550, has coach Tony Vitello leading what might be his best squad yet. Meanwhile, Texas A&M, at +600, may have stumbled recently, but Jim Schlossnagle’s lineup is packed with talent, underscoring the fierce competition within the SEC rather than any shortcomings.

The SEC dominates the odds, with six teams at 20/1 or better, including LSU. One of six Louisiana teams in the mix, the Tigers clawed their way into the postseason and have +2000 odds to repeat as champions. The Florida Gators, at +7000, are also aiming for a deep run despite starting in challenging regionals.

ACC schools North Carolina and Wake Forest stand out as serious non-SEC contenders with strong odds of winning it all. With 11 of the 16 regional sites hosted by non-SEC schools, there’s plenty of potential for surprises.


Just Like MLB, Bet on Pitchers, not Hitters

Regarding handicapping college baseball games, there’s a golden rule: Pitching usually travels well, but hitting does not. You’d be astonished by the dramatic splits in team-hitting statistics at home versus on the road. That’s why I always start my analysis with the pitching staff.

You can usually count on a team’s ace to deliver a stellar performance on any field. However, the same can’t always be said for a team that racks up impressive hitting stats at home but fizzles on the road.

As you dive into betting on games or regional futures, my advice is to favor teams that dominate in pitching over those that shine in hitting. Trust me, the teams with solid pitching are your best bet. And if you find a team that excels in both, like LSU, you’ve hit the jackpot. There’s a reason they’re among the favorites to win it all.

So, when placing your bets, remember: Go with the pitchers who can bring their A-game anywhere. And if you stumble upon a team that can pitch and hit like champs, well, you’ve found your golden goose.

Now, go out there and make some money. Your wallet will thank you (and me) later.



Questions Of The Day

Who is favored to win the 2024 College World Series?

On Friday morning, Tennessee leads the pack with +550 odds to win the CWS. Texas A&M is second at +600, and Arkansas is third at +1000.

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