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FA Cup Picks Semifinals | FA Cup Odds, Soccer Predictions & Free Tips


Welcome to the BetUS Soccer Channel. I’m Flash. It’s the FA Cup Show. It’s semi-finals. Both games Saturday and Sunday will take place at Wembley, the Mecca of world football, especially if you’re European or if you’re English.

Now we’ve got four teams left. Obviously we’ve got Man City versus Sheffield United and Brighton versus Manchester United. So it’s one of those. Do we get an all Manchester final? I’m not so sure. I’m totally convinced on the first game. The second game I made two or three selections and then I went, “No, scrap it. Let’s look at this again.”

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Now, I said to you before, I need your help in the chat. So we got Mitch, we got Rick, we got Herbo. I need more of you to, if you are watching this, to basically help me out. I don’t need so much help in the first game, but the second game is going to be all, all important.

Let’s start off with Manchester City versus Sheffield United. Sheffield United in the Championship looking to get in the Premier League. They’ve got a good cup record over the last decade or so, but they’ve always fallen maybe at the final hurdles and now they go up against the giant of European soccer.

Let’s have a little look at the odds and see where we can turn this into value. Okay, the handicap straightaway is at 2.5, but it is +105 if you think Man United … Manchester City. Man United already on my mind. -2.5 means they’ve got to win by three clear goals at +105. Okay, I’ll look at this game and go, “Okay, Sheffield United, have they got the tools to score?” Slow pitch, big pitch, at Wembley, individual battles. I’m looking at and saying, “Sheffield United, do they score?” At -120 for them not to score. Team total Man City at 4. Basically Over 3.5 is -120. I’ve got this game at 3-0.

Mitch is saying, this is where I need you, okay, team total Over 1.5, first half Man City +137. I like that. But also we got to look at the lineup check because they’ve been involved in Europe in midweek so we could see the likes of Mahrez come back, Foden, Alvarez instead of Haaland. I’m not sure whether Gündogan should start. He might be anytime goalscorer, loves to ghost into the box.

Anderson: Pep sounds like he doesn’t want this game to be played. Of course he don’t. I mean you’ve got lower opposition at Wembley in a FA Cup semi-final. He wants it played. Okay, let’s have a little look. This City match, I’d wait for the lineups and due to some outside ATS guys yet. Good way to go. But if you ask me what I think the score is, I’m going Man City 3 Sheffield United 0. Sheffield United, great day out. Go and enjoy yourselves. But your main concentration is getting out of the Championship.

So we are looking here with team total Over 3.5, team total Over 2.5 -170. I like basically the -2.5 at +105. I think they win 3-0 and I like Sheffield United not to score at -120. So let’s have a little look at them picks for our first game.

I think Man City will have far too much pace, far too much craft and they will score. And I did listen, +137 for them to score twice is not out the realms of possibility. But first of all, Man City -2.5 at +105. That means that we start the game at Man City scoring 3, but it’s -170 for them to score 3. So that’s, the books are telling us they definitely or they think the chances are that they’re definitely going to score. Alvarez anytime goalscorer, Gündogan anytime goalscorer. I have two picks in this game.

The second one is Sheffield United. It says Sheffield, but Sheffield United team total Under -0.5. So that’s Sheffield United not to score at -120. As I say, Sheffield United fans go, have a good time, enjoy, but your concentration is going to be on the Premier League. This is a free hit for Sheffield United. I don’t think they’ve got the tools though to score against Man City.

Right. Now we get to the troublesome game because the second game, this will be on Sunday is Brighton versus Manchester United. Now first of all, let’s talk about Manchester United ’cause we are thinking there’s a possibility of an all Manchester final at Wembley, the FA Cup final, Man City versus Man United.

Now this Brighton and Man United game is a throwback to one of my very, very first experiences of FA Cup finals and that was in 1983. Let’s start with Man United.

Looked decent recently in the Premier League, keeping clean sheets, scoring goals, and then they go away severe and they look dead. Their legs look like they just disowned them. There’s players that have got to come in, but the back four looks very, very shaky.

Let’s have a look at the money line first of all ’cause we’ve got Brighton at +140 who absolutely destroyed the Chelsea side last week at Stanford Bridge. Man United +180 got destroyed midweek, couldn’t put two passes together, failed to score. Now I don’t mind opening up here and I was … my first impression was, Man United win this game and both teams to score. So Man United and both teams to score and Man United to score twice at +130.

Then I watched them against Sevilla. They will get run ragged by this Brighton side who are so fluent. They pass, they move, they have pace, they have confidence, they love individual battles. And with Man United not being able to defend against the Brighton side who love playing on the front foot, I just thought maybe Brighton to score twice at +100. So all of a sudden I’ve got both teams that are capable of scoring twice.

Let’s rewind a bit. I want maybe both teams just to score and then one of them to get a second goal because the total in the games are three. I think that that’s probably where you start. Over 3 is at +110. Under 3 is at -140. I think that the best way to probably go here is both teams to score and Over, or if you like Brighton, you go Brighton win at +140 because they’re all going to be fresh. They’ve had a week to prepare. Man United had been all over the shop.

Let’s have a look because okay, I think Brighton should win says Rick. Jonathan Nelson says both teams to score an Over 2.5 is a banker. I agree with that as well. Let me just scroll up a little bit and get some more. It’s one of those where I’m just trying to get rid of this. Okay, Brighton at +2. But well I mean what sort of … The -135 for the pick, both teams to score and Over seems to be the way to go. Brighton first half handicap, yeah, maybe. Why? Man United are just trying to get into the game. Maybe Brighten to lead at half-time is a way to go. But the one thing that we can’t rule out is that Brighton are going to turn up. So it’s going to be on Man United.

This will be a really fascinating game, but I don’t think you can go near Manchester United to win the game. I think there’s no clean sheets here. I mean the game is going to be a really, really good one. I look at Brighton’s team total at +100. I like that as well. But I also like Man United’s team total +130 but I just can’t rely on Man United to go and win the game.

Steve McCue says: Man United don’t progress up the pitch fast enough. With the current back four, they could be killed in midfield. Steven, that’s exactly where I was going. I think that the energetic boys of Brighton might have their way here, and if there’s ever a good time to play Man United at Wembley, this weekend is it.

Okay, Marley’s saying, “Sorry Flash, I meant Brighton team total.” Yeah, I agree with that. I think they do score twice at +100. They’re showing no fear, they’re scoring goals home and away. So I do believe that Brighton do score twice. But I do believe Man United score as well. So let’s go with the official pick.

Let’s get rid of all them possiblies, maybes, but they’re now in the bin ’cause I’ve just gone with both teams scoring Over 2.5 at -105. You could make it a banker if you wanted. I just don’t see any 1-0s and I do see at least one of these sides scoring twice. So Brighton-Man United is both teams to score and over 2.5 at -105. Good to see Rashford backs. That’s a positive for Man United. And if you want anytime goalscorer for Brighton, you’ve got about four or five to possibly pick from. That’s how strong they are.

Herbo said hard to kill a midfield with Casemiro? Casemiro looked like he was running in a sandpit with deep sea divers boots on away in Sevilla. Then he got travel back. Listen, unbelievable player Casemiro, but this Man United side, they just look a little bit leggy. And if there’s ever a pitch in the world football that we’ll find out if you’re a little bit jaded it is Wembley. Remember, there’s two games going on. They always leave the grass a little bit longer, and that does drain your legs a little bit but it’s a fascinating semi-final.

Let’s have a little look at the official Soccer picks please. Man City -2.5 at +105. I’ve got them winning minimum 3-0. Sheffield United Team total Under 0.5. So Sheffield United not to score is at -120 and Brighton and Man United both teams to score Over 2.5 at -105. Herbo, I didn’t watch it, honestly Flash. Okay, no worries Herbo, don’t worry. As I’m here to back you up like you’re there to back me up.

Now I would like to ask you to subscribe, and also, I’d like you to ring the bell cause obviously we’ll notify you for any other shows like this. And we’ve got so many coming up. On Monday, we’ve got La Liga midweek show and we’ve got a Premier League one as well. And if you like your odds and props, then please type in betustv.com/odds and there’s a $50 bet waiting for you if you type in betustv.com/fifty.

And my last reminder will be that at five o’clock Eastern today, I’m taking over the BetUS_ official Twitter handle. So just come along, ask me anything you want. It doesn’t have to be sport related, it can be absolutely anything, and I will answer anything truthfully. So from myself, from everyone in the chat, thumbs up on the way out. I’ll mess, Man United though, the Butcher is carrying an injury, so Maguire has to play. If you like Brighton, that’s a massive positive. You take care.


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