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MMA in the Olympics? Here Are Other Sports That Will Never Win Gold

Congratulations to “Flag Football”. We’re really happy for you and we will let you finish… but American football is the real football of all time! All time! With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) including Flag Football for the 2028 Summer Olympics, we can’t help but wonder if it will have the gonads to include the football every American wants.

As we love betting on Olympic odds, our money will sharply be on the “no”. There are just too many excuses to consider. On top of that, American football could be too violent and macho for the “global” audience. But this is not the only sport that is missing out on the Olympics. There are several other popular sports the IOC will not even dare consider including in 2028 or any other year.

MMA in the Olympics? Here Are Other Sports That Will Never Win Gold
2024 Paris Olympics/GARDEL Bertrand / hemis.fr / hemis.fr / Hemis via AFP


Sports That Should Be in the Olympics… But Won’t

The Olympics is typically a sporting event of “traditional” sports like wrestling, swimming, and running. It’s also a global spectacle and catered to people of all ages. So we get why some sports, which don’t fit this ideal, are excluded. But several are just too damn popular to leave out. It’s just too bad the IOC will never include them.


Gridiron Football

We’re talking about the real football: 11-on-11 with all the pads and all the hitting. Sure, implementing this in 16 days will be difficult due to the physical nature of the sport. But there are workarounds to this. We can cut the game’s length and have four games in 16 days in a single-elimination tournament. Another alternative is to make two separate teams that take turns playing.

But therein lies the biggest issue: how the *bleep* will another country find over 52 able-bodied men or women to compete against America? This is the real issue why American football is not an Olympic sport. It’ll be too easy of a gold medal for Team USA. But be honest. It will be gleefully fun to see the U.S. run over every other team out there.


Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts or “MMA” is the most popular sport that will not be in the Olympics. Cricket is set to return in 2028 along with baseball. But MMA? It’s the red-headed stepchild of sports. Never mind that only soccer and basketball are more diverse. The sport itself is too violent and will go beyond the “PG” rating the Olympics wants.

But here’s a controversial take: MMA is less violent than sports like karate, boxing, and ice hockey. If we just went with highlight reels of “best finishes” or “top fights”, then it’s carnage. But that’s no different than isolating hard hits in hockey or knockouts in boxing.

The “rest” issue is another thing that makes MMA’s structure difficult to implement. But using a team structure where fighters only fight once, is one solution. If the IOC wanted, we’d find a way to have MMA in the Olympics.



Were you expecting pickleball? America’s fastest-growing sport will be in the Olympics at some point. But paintball? This sounds like some Orwellian pitch. But paintball is actually a competitive sport and is played across multiple leagues. The sport is also popular across 40 countries and is played by over 15 million players.

Maybe this is still too niche for the Olympics. But when you include breakdancing and pole dancing, paintball deserves a shot. However, the true reason why paintball may never be included is likely political. With all the gun violence, particularly in America, showcasing this sport may rile enough social justice warriors to harass the IOC.


Outdoor Survival

While technically not a “sport”, who would not want to watch contestants duke it out in an Olympic version of Survivor? The hit show is the king of reality TV for a reason. On top of that, it can be like a tourism booster for whichever country the Olympics will be in. In 2024, the Olympics will be in Paris. Why not do an outdoor survival on a French island like La Reunion?

It sounds ridiculous and hardly falls under the umbrella of “sports”. But it is a competitive event, which requires athleticism, strategy, and the will to win. That encompasses the Olympics. And it’s just the type of event that will boost the Olympics’ profile albeit in a controversial fashion. But no news is bad news, right? And his event will be a hoot for online sports betting purposes.



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At odds of -850, the USA is the wide favorite to finish with the most gold medals in the Summer Olympics.

Which sports are returning to the 2024 Olympics?

Surfing, skateboarding, and sport-climbing will return to the Olympics after being introduced in 2020.

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