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UFL Season 2: Draft Order Set, Friday Games Coming!

After 12 weeks of exciting spring football, the inaugural season of the UFL has ended. However, was it interesting enough for a second season? It does seem that way with UFL news trending towards the very likely reality of a season in 2025.

Despite that, the championship game was a disappointment. The Birmingham Stallions easily beat the San Antonio Brahmas, 25-0. The first half was not that exciting, with poor play on both sides of the ball, until the Stallions scored the first touchdown with less than a minute left before halftime. After halftime, they came out and scored again on their first possession, ultimately ending the game behind a strong defense that allowed 208 yards.

UFL Season 2: Draft Order Set, Friday Games Coming!
Jordan Thomas #81 of the Birmingham Stallions - Emmanuel Durojaiye/Getty Images/AFP



The Stallions have become a dynasty and a massive reason for the UFL to have another season in 2025. They won the USFL championships in 2022 and 2023 before the league merged with the XFL, forming the UFL for 2024. The merger proved a massive success, with the best teams in the USFL and XFL coming together in one league, no longer competing for viewership but sharing in the success.

On a personal note, which is more of a pipe dream, I expect the NFL to eventually step in and create a connection with the UFL. That would allow some NFL players at the back end of the depth chart to prove that they could be more than just third- or fourth-string players, possibly extending their careers. The NFL could use the UFL the same way the NBA uses its G-League as a developmental league.

Furthermore, unlike the NBA, which has European basketball to bring in new talent, football players have no other place to develop outside of college football or the CFL. The NFL has aligned itself with the UFL in lesser ways, for example, the updated 2024-25 kickoff rules. A bigger step would be allowing NFL players to play in the UFL, which could lead to easy transitions across leagues, improving them both.


Is There Going to Be a UFL Season in 2025?

Beyond the higher-ups saying that the UFL will have a second season, there are plans to make this spring league last. For one, the 2024 UFL draft order has already been established.

In Week 10 of the UFL season, the two teams with the worst records were the Houston Roughnecks and Memphis Showboats, tied at 1-8.

The teams faced each other in the season’s final week. However, instead of the loser earning the first overall pick in the 2024 draft, the UFL did something interesting: the winner of that game gets dibs on the draft so that no team chases to the bottom of the standings. The Showboats won that game, ending the season with the second-worst record and the first overall pick in the 2024 draft.


In addition, the UFL is also trying to figure out its televising schedule for 2025. FOX has already announced that because they will now show IndyCar on Saturday, many of the UFL’s games will need to be moved to Friday night instead.

Everything is still a big question mark for the 2025 season, but there is time for plans to be ironed out. With the draft order made up and FOX already confirming the games will be played on Friday, we are trending towards another season of UFL odds. How different, if at all, is still being determined, but having a stable spring football league should be exciting, especially if the NFL finds a way to make a connection.



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Questions of the Day

Will there be a UFL season in 2025?

All signs point to a UFL season in 2025. However, how it will look is still being determined, but it does seem very likely.

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