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2022 Formula 1 Specials Futures, Odds, Picks & Predictions

Three 2022 F1 Special Futures Bets To Follow

The Biggest F1 Season Set To Get Underway

The 2022 season is set to be Formula One’s biggest yet, as Lewis Hamilton looks to reclaim his throne and Max Verstappen tries to keep hold of the crown he had won with a chaotic and controversial finish to the 2021 season.

While Hamilton and Verstappen were the most dominant drivers of last year, there are a couple who could make a splash this season. So let’s check out what the online sports betting odds show and which future bets are worth a look ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 20.

2022 Formula One Specials Futures, Odds, Picks & Predictions

Watch Out for British Drivers

Lando Norris, George Russell, and Lewis Hamilton all drive under the British flag, and while of the three, Hamilton is the only driver you could consider as a threat for the Formula One title, his compatriots are more than capable of making a splash.

That is not to say that we expect Norris or Russell to stun the world and claim the F1 crown, but it does put us in an interesting spot looking at the Formula 1 special.

Formula 1 odds today show -140 on the British driver to win F1 British Grand Prix, which is a price that is hard to ignore. Not only is Lewis Hamilton by far the most successful driver on his home track (8 wins), but we also saw Norris and Russell perform admirably here in 2021 with a fourth and sixth-place finish.

Was Max Verstappen’s Title a Fluke?

Formula 1 fans have yet to reach an agreement on whether Max Verstappen deserved to win the 2021season. Given the circumstances in the final race, you could easily say that he would not have won had the organizers not brought up the safety car. Admittedly, he impressed everyone with his driving, but the question remains, can he do it again?

There is no denying that Verstappen’s success the last term was mainly due to the fact that he had a better car than Hamilton, and yet the title race came down to the wire. So if we put two and two together and assume that Mercedes will have faster cars this term, it does seem unlikely that Verstappen will be as successful.

“It will be interesting to see where everyone comes out and where we stand in the first race,” said Hamilton.

The Dutchman will undoubtedly secure a couple of wins this season, but with a car that is not significantly better than the rest of the field, there’s a good chance he might not even finish the season inside the top-two and produce results we were used from him in the past.

Hamilton Should Outperform Verstappen

Verstappen and Hamilton were close last season, and many fans will expect the 2022 season to play out similarly, but we would disagree. As noted above, Verstappen had a much better car than Hamilton last term, and yet they couldn’t close out the title race before the final laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Furthermore, with how much time and energy Red Bull put into the 2021 season, there’s a good chance we will see them drop back, well behind Mercedes. Although we don’t know how the cars will drive in 2022, but assuming Red Bull and Mercedes are evenly matched, we would definitely prefer Hamilton to come out ahead in this battle.

Formula 1 2022 Season

  • Game: Formula One World Championship 2022
  • Location: 22 Countries
  • Day/Time: March 20 – November 20

Formula 1 2022 Outright Favorites

Team Moneyline
Lewis Hamilton -145
Max Verstappen +115

Formula 1 World Championship 2022 Futures Specials Predictions

We have three F1 2022 Futures Special predictions for you to look at, which we have already touched on above.

BetUS is offering -140 on a British driver to win the British Grand Prix, which presents us with an excellent betting opportunity, knowing that Hamiton, Norris, and Russell will all attend the race. All three have produced solid results here in the past, and even if we can’t count on Norris and Russell, we’re essentially getting -140 on Hamilton to win on his best track.

We expect Max Verstappen to do well in 2022, but he likely won’t be nearly as successful as in 2021. Not necessarily because he will be worse, but because other drivers, namely Hamilton, should do better. As such, we have to bet on Verstappen to win five and fever races this season at -120.

As already alluded to, we prefer Hamilton over Verstappen for the 2022 season, and while there is a world where we see another tight title race, it’s hard to believe Verstappen will manage to collect more wins than Hamilton. Scores and odds are in favor of Hamilton, and we have no reason to doubt him.

Pick: British Driver To Win British Grand Prix (-140)


Pick: Max Verstappen To Win 5 Or Fewer Races (-120)


Pick: Lewis Hamilton To Record The Most F1 Race Wins (-140)

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