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Daniel Ricciardo Confident Despite Early Season Struggles in Formula 1

The Aussie Driver Hasn’t Scored Any Points This Season

Honey Badgers’ Horrid Season

Daniel Ricciardo has not been the protagonist of the F1 news headlines that Red Bull expected.

The Australian Formula 1 driver, has openly admitted his disappointment with his performance at the start of the 2024 season. Despite his ambitions to reclaim his former seat at Red Bull’s main team, Ricciardo finds himself struggling to keep up with his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

Daniel Ricciardo Confident Despite Early Season Struggles in Formula 1
RICCIARDO Daniel-F1 Team/Eric Alonso/DPPI via AFP

Pressure Mounts Amidst Speculation

F1 rumors have surfaced suggesting that Ricciardo’s position at Red Bull is at risk if he fails to show significant improvement in the next two Grand Prix races. The pressure on Ricciardo intensified after Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s advisor, criticized both Red Bull drivers for being “too slow” in race conditions.



However, Ricciardo remains optimistic about his future in Formula 1. Despite the rumors swirling around his potential replacement, he is focused on his journey and refuses to let negative speculation distract him. He acknowledges the need for improvement but is determined to stay on course and rediscover his best form.

In a conversation with Motorsport.com, the Aussie driver said: “In terms of the noise, people tell me like in the media, they’re like, ‘Oh, so and so said’ – it’s the first I’ve heard.

It’s obviously no disrespect to [the media], but I know that I’m on this little process or journey at the moment and I just need to focus on myself.

If I let any of the noise in, it’s going to kind of distract me from the path I’m on.

I haven’t let any of that negative stuff creep in.


Staying Optimistic Amid Challenges

Reflecting on his disappointing start to the season, Ricciardo expressed surprise at his struggles, especially after a full pre-season with Red Bull. He remains puzzled by his lack of progress but remains confident in his abilities and believes that he can turn things around.

Things aren’t quite clicking for Ricciardo at RB, similar to what happened at McLaren. Back then, he struggled to trust the car, which ultimately led to him leaving the team. This time around, Ricciardo insists things are different. He’s working hand-in-hand with Red Bull to figure out what’s wrong.

Even though things are tough, Ricciardo sees some bright spots. He believes some tweaks to the car could unleash its full potential. He’s talking openly with the team about what needs to change, and he’s optimistic that his performance will improve soon.

Horner brought Ricciardo back to the Red Bull family, first as a test driver and then promoting him to a full-time seat at RB after they weren’t impressed with Nick de Vries. Despite the current challenges, Ricciardo’s stats speak for itself: 8 wins, 32 podiums, and even finishing 3rd in the championship twice! He’s confident he can find his rhythm again and showcase his talent on the track.

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