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F1: Hungarian Grand Prix Prediction, Race Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Plenty of Questions Heading to Hungaroring

There is no question that Max Verstappen and Red Bull are going to win their respective championships. F1 odds have Verstappen and Red Bull heavily favored to win the Hungarian Grand Prix at -300 and -400, respectively. But for the rest, there are many questions to answer, starting with Verstappen’s teammate: Sergio Perez.

What Is Wrong With Perez?

At some point in the season, it was not crazy to think that “Checo” Perez could give Verstappen competition at the top. But after his last victory in Baku, Perez has all but fallen by the wayside. The Mexican is now nearly 100 points back of Verstappen and has just one podium finish in his last five races.

F1: Hungarian Grand Prix Prediction, Race Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks
F1: Hungarian Grand Prix Prediction, Race Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

A big part of his struggles is in qualifying. Perez has either crashed out of qualifying or raced poorly, thus putting himself in a bad starting position. Most notably, he’s conceded that he isn’t beating his teammate and Daniel Ricciardo is back in the fold with Alpha Tauri.


The 33-year-old should be feeling the pressure despite what the brass is telling him. Perez is driving the best car of this generation and his subpar results are unacceptable. As such, this race at Hungaroring could make or break Perez’s season. F1 betting odds continue to peg him as a top-three candidate though he’s made it tough betting online.

Will Lando Norris, McLaren Impress Again?

McLaren came from seemingly out of nowhere in the British Grand Prix. The constructor, long since been considered also-rans, saw its drivers finish second and fourth. One less safety car and it could have been a double-podium finish for the papaya orange squad. But will they do it again?

Silverstone Circuit is entirely different than Hungaroring. McLaren was able to do well in a fast circuit, but now Norris and Oscar Piastri will be tested by the many turns of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The F1 lines recognized Norris’s achievement and have him at +275 to return to the podium. A top-six finish for him is also listed at -225 and +400 if Piastri joins him.

And McLaren will continue to bring upgrades to both drivers. The team is now 98 points behind Ferrari for fourth. But if it can continue to garner points as it did at Silverstone, it’s not unthinkable to see it finish in the top four or even the top three. This Sunday will be the litmus test for this new contender.

Have Teams Caught Up With Aston Martin?

While McLaren’s stock is on the rise, Aston Martin’s is on the decline. After a fast start to the season, Aston Martin is losing steam. Fernando Alonso has consistently placed in the top six, but he’s had just one podium finish in his last four races. The British GP was also the constructor’s worst performance, with Alonso coming in at seventh and Lance Stroll at 14th.

Meanwhile, Mercedes continues to collect points and is now 22 points ahead. The Las Vegas F1 odds favor the constructor to finish second at -150. The pair of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are once again solid bets online to finish in the top six, with one of them potentially making the podium.

But there is some cause for optimism for Aston Martin. The car is well-suited for the slower pace in Hungaroring. Alonso is better when navigating through tight turns and may just outperform most of the other contenders.

F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Race Information

F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Betting Lines

Hungarian Grand Prix Podium Finish Moneyline
Max Verstappen -600
Sergio Perez -125
Fernando Alonso +100
Lewis Hamilton +120
Carlos Sainz +350
Charles Leclerc +275

The odds in this chart are posted on the time of publication of the article. They are subject to change without previous notice.

F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Picks and Prediction

It’s too soon to fade Alonso and Aston Martin. The team may have lost its edge over the other squads, but this course is tailor-made for them. Alonso should be able to shine and finish in the top three. At even money, it’s a decent value to bet on the Spaniard.

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