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Honda Boss Expresses Desire for Max Verstappen Reunion

The Dutch Driver Has Stated His Love for Honda Engines

A Partnership to Remember

It has been a while since F1 news reported the end of the relationship between Honda and Red Bull, but Koji Watanabe has expressed optimism about the possibility of collaborating with Max Verstappen again in the future, despite their impending separation at the end of 2025.


Honda Boss Expresses Desire for Max Verstappen Reunion
VERSTAPPEN Max (ned) of Red Bull Racing | DPPI / Frédéric Le Floc'h / DPPI via AFP

Honda and Verstappen, a Winning Combination

While the Japanese manufacturer has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Verstappen, their collaboration is set to conclude as Honda transitions to supplying engines for Aston Martin.

Watanabe’s sentiments highlight the mutual respect and admiration between Honda and Verstappen, with the Dutch driver’s success playing a pivotal role in elevating Honda’s reputation within Formula 1. Verstappen’s stats speak volumes accumulating 52 wins and three consecutive Drivers’ Championships thanks to Honda.

Despite the impending separation, both parties remain committed to maximizing their remaining time together, aiming to secure another world championship title before parting ways.

Speaking in an interview with Motorsport.com, Watanabe said “It is a very good relationship. We trust each other and also the Honda workers love Max. We are proud to work together with Max, so we will miss him in the future.

But we still have two years together and we promise to do our best to win another world championship together with Max and Red Bull.



A Possible Reunion in the Future at Aston Martin

Beyond the track, F1 rumors continue to swirl regarding Verstappen’s future, despite reassurances from Red Bull and Verstappen himself, that he would stay on the energy drinks team until the end of his contract. Speculation suggests that the recent alliance between Aston Martin and Honda could present an enticing proposition for Verstappen to explore alternative options.

He (Verstappen) always thinks about Honda and says ‘Thank you, Honda’ a lot. He expresses his thoughts to the outside world about Honda, which is also important for all the people working for Honda.” Watanabe said.

When asked how he felt about working with the Japanese manufacturer Verstappen said: “They will always have a special place in my heart even when, of course, they leave at the end of ’25,” said Verstappen.

I’m very proud also for them, from where we started as a team together and where we are now. I think we can all be very proud of that.

The relationship between Verstappen and Honda stands as a testament to their shared success and mutual respect. While Red Bull’s partnership with Ford introduces an element of unpredictability, Honda’s track record of reliability and performance in the demanding F1 schedule could prove enticing for Verstappen as he considers his options.

While Verstappen’s reunion with Honda remains uncertain, their successful partnership has left an indelible mark on the sport.

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