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Max Appeal: Verstappen May Be Sportsman of the Year

Red Bull Star Unstoppable

If you don’t have Max Verstappen at the top of your Formula One picks, we’re not sure what you’re doing.

The motor racing dynamo, who is only 25 years old, has dominated the F1 season, and we can’t see him slowing down.

Max Appeal: Verstappen May Be Sportsman of the Year
Max Verstappen celebrates on the podium after winning the Formula One British - ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / AFP

The sportsbook has short odds available for Verstappen, but he’s almost like printing money, making a case for the Sportsman of the Year title.

F1 Dominance

Verstappen has won eight of the 10 races so far, including the last six. It’s something unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and although he is driving the fastest car, he’s clearly the best driver on the planet.

His two non-winning performances came behind teammate Sergio Perez, showing that the Red Bull cars are clearly superior to the rest of the field.

It’s always a big debate in F1 racing; driver vs. car, but there’s no denying Verstappen’s ability to win pole position and kick clear in the opening laps.

Despite blowing the field away at Silverstone, he still had negative things to say about his car, despite it being the fastest on track.

Drag, low speed, medium speed, high speed, DRS effect, tire-wear, all of these areas,” Verstappen said.

That’s what we’re working on, and braking performance too, I’m not kidding.”

If his car improves, the opposition doesn’t have a chance. He hasn’t had to pass many cars on the track, so we haven’t been able to see Verstappen at his best, but he won’t care.

His Formula One odds will only continue to shorten as the year progresses. He has virtually an unassailable lead in the standings, but he’s not favored to win Sportsman of the Year with online gambling markets.

Can He Win Sportsman of the Year?

We can’t see any driver ending the winning run of Verstappen. He set the all-time season wins record last year with 15, and he’s on track to eclipse his record with 12 races left.

He’s setting all types of records, but that doesn’t mean he can win Sportsman of the Year, especially with the favorite being Lionel Messi.

We are not fans of giving the Sportsman of the Year award to a team sport player. He is a legend of the sport, but he’s not the sole reason Argentina won the World Cup, so it’s a contentious market.

Verstappen might be all the rage with Formula One betting, but Messi is the king when it comes to winning titles.

Also featuring in betting markets are Rafael Nadal, Kylian Mbappe, Stephen Curry, and Mondo Duplantis.

We can’t understand why Nadal is even featured in this list, let alone on the second line of betting. He hasn’t done much over the last year, and not having Novak Djokovic on the list is a crime, but that’s sport and politics for you.

It’s Messi’s title to lose, but Verstappen makes a claim every time he wins a grand prix.

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