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Max Verstappen Addresses F1 Future: Mercedes or Red Bull?

The Three-Time World Champion Stated His Desire to Stay With Red Bull

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The world of F1 news has been buzzing with speculation about Max Verstappen’s future, with rumors swirling about a potential move away from Red Bull Racing. However, amidst all the speculation, Verstappen has made one thing crystal clear: Red Bull is where he wants to be.


Max Verstappen Addresses F1 Future: Mercedes or Red Bull?
Red Bull Racing's Dutch driver Max Verstappen-William WEST / AFP

A Turning Point for Red Bull?

Verstappen’s commitment to Red Bull Racing marks a significant turning point for the team, which has weathered its fair share of turmoil in recent times. The energy drinks outfit seemed to be divided into two camps: Team Horner and Team Verstappen, especially after Jos Verstappen’s comments. However, with Max’s declaration, there’s hope that the team can now focus on what matters most – winning races.

He said: “It is very important we try to keep the key players in the team for a longer period of time because that is where the performance is and, if I didn’t perform, I wouldn’t be sitting here.

For me, it is a second family. In a family, there might sometimes be disagreements. A lot of people have contributed to the success of this team from the start and that has to be respected. It is important to keep them together, happy and in the same roles.

But we just focus on the performance. I would like the chat to be about the great car that we have. Hopefully that will come slowly.


The Dutchman’s statement comes at a time when Red Bull Racing is enjoying a stellar start to the season, with two dominant wins under their belt. Verstappen himself admits that he has never started a year in better form, praising the team’s performance and highlighting their flawless operation on and off the track.


Max Verstappen’s Pledge: A New Era of Stability?

Verstappen’s commitment to Red Bull Racing is not just about securing his future; it’s about ensuring the stability and success of the team as a whole. With F1 rumors of potential moves to other teams, including Mercedes, Verstappen’s decision to stay put sends a clear message: Red Bull Racing is where the action is.

While there may have been whispers of discontent and speculation about Verstappen’s future, his pledge to Red Bull Racing has put those rumors to rest, at least for now. As the team gears up for the challenges of a long F1 schedule, one thing is certain – they have their star driver firmly in their corner, ready to lead them to victory.

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