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Melbourne Showdown: Ferrari’s Best Bet at Denting Red Bull?

Max Verstappen and Red Bull enter the Australian Grand Prix as whopping favorites. They are obvious F1 picks and laying -550 and -1200 for them to win is something only whales can afford. Instead, the alternative could be to bet on Ferrari, which has been the second-best team on the grid. Whether it’s Charles Leclerc or the other drivers, they have some lines worth betting on.

Bet Ferrari – Leclerc LeThird?

Next to Verstappen, Leclerc has been the best driver these last few seasons. Sometimes Ferrari can’t get it right and he falls into unlucky situations. But when he gets it going, only the Red Bull drivers can beat him. And in Albert Park, he’s had some strong showings like in 2021 when he owned the grid.

Melbourne Showdown: Ferrari's Best Bet at Denting Red Bull?
Melbourne Showdown: Ferrari's Best Bet at Denting Red Bull?

Leclerc is a distant runner-up to the Red Bull drivers to win at +1400 and is second to secure pole position at +250. He’s worth betting online on the latter as he has been the strongest at qualifying behind Verstappen where his five pole positions last season were second-most.



Other than that, Leclerc has short F1 betting odds at -700 to finish in the top six and -165 to return to the podium. Between these, we’d rather take the shot on him to finish in the top three. He still has momentum from his strong finish in 2023 where he made the podium in three of his last four races. Had his car not failed in Brazil, this may have been four straight.

In fact, we’re going out on a limb to recommend Leclerc over Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s running mate. He has been going strong thus far, but as most of 2023 showed, he’s not the most consistent racer.

Red Bull dedicates most of its resources to the main man, which means Perez could be left out to dry again. This is Leclerc’s and Ferrari’s shot to gain ground on Red Bull.

Can Mercedes or McLaren Catch Up?

While Ferrari looks strong, the same can’t be said for the other contenders, namely because of inconsistencies from one or both drivers. Lewis Hamilton looks jaded with Mercedes and could look to greener pastures next season. He’s ninth in the driver standings and has yet to have a top-six finish.

While George Russell has been solid with a pair of top-six finishes, we can’t bet online at -250 odds for both drivers to finish here. We’d rather bet on the McLaren drivers at +110. Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri alternated finishing in the top six. This may be the best bet among these teams given the F1 odds.



F1 Australia Grand Prix Betting Lines

Odds To Win F1 Australian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen
Red Bull
Sergio Perez
Red Bull
Charles Leclerc
George Russell
Lando Norris
Lewis Hamilton
Fernando Alonso
Aston Martin
Oscar Piastri

The odds in this chart are posted on the time of publication of the article. They are subject to change without previous notice.


Leclerc Gains on Red Bull

The Australian Grand Prix will mainly be a two-team showcase as Leclerc looks to insert himself between Verstappen and Perez. Either way, we like for the Ferrari man to secure a podium as Verstappen inevitably finishes on top. And as “mid” as Hamilton has been, finishing in the top 10 should be a done deal, making this a solid F1 pick.


F1 PARLAY PICKS: Charles Leclerc Podium Finish (-165), Max Verstappen Podium Finish (-800), Lewis Hamilton Points Finish (-900)



F1 Australia Grand Prix Race Information

  • Race: Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2023
  • Day/Time: Sunday, March 24, 12:00 a.m. ET
  • Location: Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne, Australia
  • Australia Grand Prix Live Stream: Formula1.com




Questions of the Day

Which driver has the most Formula One race wins in Australia?

Lex Davison and Michael Schumacher are tied with four wins each in the Australian Grand Prix.

What are the weather conditions for the Australian GP this Sunday?

There is a slight chance of rain in Albert Park this Sunday though it should be a clear forecast.

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