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Miami Grand Prix: Lando Norris’ First Win and Fernando Alonso’s Nationality Claims

Norris Becomes the First McLaren Driver to Win in the United States Since Hamilton in 2012

No More Lando Nowins

The Miami Grand Prix always leaves interesting F1 news, from stars like Tom Brady visiting Williams’ garage to surprises on the grid and this edition has been no exception.

In a race filled with emotions, surprises, and controversies, Lando Norris emerged as the unexpected hero, securing his first-ever Grand Prix win after participating in 110 races throughout his career. The Miami Grand Prix witnessed thrilling moments on and off the track, making it a memorable event for fans and drivers alike.

Miami Grand Prix: Lando Norris’ First Win and Fernando Alonso’s Nationality Claims
Lando Norris from the UK | Alessio Morgese / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP


Norris’s Triumph

Looks like the tables have turned! Max Verstappen, the current F1 champion, has been beaten once again, and this time it’s Lando Norris who’s taken the checkered flag! This is the second Grand Prix in the current F1 schedule where Verstappen hasn’t claimed victory.

Despite stiff competition from Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, Norris seized the opportunity presented by a perfectly timed Safety Car to overtake Verstappen and claim the lead. However, many thought Norris would need to find a way to maintain the advantage over the Dutchman. But guess what? The McLaren driver kept pulling ahead, building a gap of three whole seconds! Verstappen’s frustration was clear when he shouted over the radio, “This car won’t turn, it’s a nightmare!” – Which allowed Norris to achieve his first victory in an F1 race.



Norris’ victory marked a significant milestone in his career and cemented his status as a rising star in Formula 1. It also raises F1 rumors about the future of the driver who is in Red Bull’s sights.

With the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix soon to take place, the Miami results show that Red Bull’s hegemony can be challenged.


Alonso’s Claims and Stewards’ Ruling

Meanwhile, controversy brewed during the practices, with Fernando Alonso making strong statements about perceived favoritism by FIA officials towards certain nationalities. Alonso’s comments sparked debate and raised questions about the fairness and impartiality of race stewards’ decisions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the already intense competition on the track.


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Alonso’s assertion that nationality influences stewarding decisions came to the forefront following a first-corner collision involving Lewis Hamilton during the Sprint race. Alonso’s collision with Hamilton led to a heated exchange of opinions, with Alonso expressing dissatisfaction with the stewards’ handling of the incident. Despite Alonso’s claims, the stewards ultimately decided not to penalize Hamilton, citing multiple collisions and the fast-paced nature of the race as mitigating factors.


Huge Concerns

Alonso told DAZN: “I do feel that nationality matters,” he said.

I will speak with Mohammed (Ben Sulayem, FIA president), with FIA, whatever.

I need to make sure that there is not anything wrong with my nationality or anything that can influence any decision – not only for me, also for the future generation of Spanish drivers that need to be protected.

He believes Hamilton was solely responsible, saying: “I had to open the car because Hamilton was coming without control of his car. If I did that, for sure I’d get a penalty.


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