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What Will Happen in F1 in 2024? Vertappen Odds-On To Repeat

We recapped how dominant Max Verstappen and Red Bull were in 2023. In fact, the word “dominant” does not do justice to how one-sided the team made this past season. And for F1 betting purposes, the oddsmakers have heavily chalked their lines for 2024. Even if it is a new year with new cars and new rules, Verstappen and Red Bull should reign supreme. But what of the field?


What Will Happen in F1 in 2024? Vertappen Odds-On To Repeat
Red Bull Racing's Dutch driver Max Verstappenduring-Jewel SAMAD / AFP


Verstappen, Red Bull To Dominate Again

No RB19? No problem. The F1 lines indicate a wide probability of both Verstappen and Red Bull to triumph when the season is over. The team is a significant favorite to win while Verstappen has shorter lines. The bookies saw how easily the team defeated the competition so it is expecting most chalk bettors to go heavy on it.

And that’s not all. Verstappen’s “special” markets have their “overs” juiced. This means that the public is expecting him to win over 17½ races, make over 18½ podiums, win pole position over 10½ times, and lead total laps by over 70.5% of the time. Whew.

The real intrigue here is whether Verstappen can eclipse 500 points again. Thus far, the betting odds have him slightly leaning toward going under it. He finished with 575 this past season, which is an F1 record, but “only” 454 the previous year. This is still an average of over 514 points.

Either way, Verstappen is the favored F1 pick to win most of the races. Anything less will be seen as an upset.

McLaren Leads the Runner-Ups But Remains Distant

If this upset does happen, McLaren is the most likely team to do it. The British constructor finished fourth in 2023 but it was the second-best team for the latter part of the season. Lando Norris trailed only Verstappen for a good chunk of 2023, finishing on the podium in 7 of his final 13 races.

But we can’t ignore the rough start this team had as others like Aston Martin and Alpine had better results to begin. It’s a similar instance with Ferrari, which finds itself fourth on the outright online sports betting odds.

This snakebitten team struggled to stay consistent or finish races. Ferrari finished three points behind Mercedes as the runner-up. They had seven instances where one of their drivers either retired or failed to start, which proved to be the difference here.

As for Mercedes, the once-dominant team finished a distant second behind Red Bull. For the first time in over 12 years, it failed to win a race. Still, it remained the most consistent team of the three closest contenders. But betting online on it to win the season is foolhardy at this point.



Questions Of The Day

Will Leclerc & Sainz finally topple Red Bull?

It is possible for either Charles Leclerc or Carlos Sainz to win more races against Red Bull in 2024.

Will Mercedes topple Ferrari & Red Bull's powerhouses?

Mercedes is already ahead of Ferrari but is distant from Red Bull. The F1 odds for 2024 are bearish on the team’s chances.

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