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Will Ferrari Upend Red Bull in Miami? Check Out F1 Betting Lines!

It’s the Red Bull Ring. No, it’s Max Track. In all seriousness, it’s the Miami International Autodrome. But as we jest, no other team or driver has won it outside of Red Bull and Max Verstappen. It’s only been two races to be fair, but F1 betting lines peg Verstappen as a hefty -700 to win the race and -350 to win pole position.

Last year, Red Bull dominated as Verstappen and Sergio Perez finished one and two and were 26+ seconds away from the next car. In 2022, in the track’s inaugural F1 race, Verstappen edged Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. Ferrari has been much better this season compared to last year. So given all these, which of the two sides is worth putting a stake on? The latest F1 Miami Grand Prix betting lines can be found here.

Will Ferrari Crash Red Bull's Miami Party Let's Analyze the Odds
Charles Leclerc - ANGELA WEISS / AFP



Ferrari a Risky Bet? Let’s Consult the F1 Betting Lines

Ferrari had a bad showing in Shanghai two weeks ago. But that has only led to the team getting longer odds here. The sportsbook has Charles Leclerc at +1400 and Carlos Sainz Jr. at +1600 odds to win in Miami.

Sainz has already won this year and remains the only driver outside of Red Bull to win a race since the start of 2023. However, in the first part of 2022, Leclerc looked like Verstappen’s equal. And with the team starting to figure things out, the long odds on Ferrari may be a tad too long.

Still, it is tough going against Verstappen. He’s won four of the five races this season and 32 of the last 36 races going back to 2022. Moreover, he’s dominated in nearly every race he’s won. His winning margin is usually longer than 10 seconds. This is not a bad prop bet to take if you’re siding with Verstappen, the winning margin Over 10 seconds is set at -175 odds.

The boring prediction is for Verstappen and Red Bull to clean up again. A double podium for the team has a short -275 line. Miami has a course that is relatively straightforward. Should Red Bull drive to an early lead, it will never look back.


Mercedes Dilemma: A Look Through F1 Betting Lines

Checking in on Mercedes, it has little to no shot at beating Red Bull or even Ferrari. The once mighty constructor is in fourth place and just 12 points ahead of Aston Martin. Lewis Hamilton appears to have checked out while George Russell is the sixth-best driver on the grid. So the team is making news in a different way: buying Verstappen.


With Hamilton set to leave for Ferrari next season, this opens a seat with the team. Allegedly, they are going to offer Verstappen a whopping £128 million. That’s $160 million and some change. Even if this is nothing but an F1 rumor, Mercedes is lost in the weeds. If it happens, it will make F1 betting far more entertaining.


F1 Miami Grand Prix Betting Lines



Right now, there is more value in betting on Fernando Alonso from Aston Martin, Oscar Piastri of McLaren or even Nico Hulkenberg. The Haas driver already has three top-10 finishes this season, which is triple what he’s done last season. The constructor has quietly been producing results and is taking advantage of Alpine’s struggles.

A points finish for Hulkenberg is at +125. And It’s a decent bet as far as undersung racers are concerned.


F1 Miami Grand Prix Race Information

  • Race: Miami Grand Prix 2024
  • Day/Time: Sunday, May 5, 4:00 p.m. ET
  • Location: Miami International Autodrome, Miami, FL
  • Miami Grand Prix Live Stream: Formula1.com


Save on the Sprint

New to Miami this season is the Sprint Shootout. Love it or hate it, this mini format changes up the schedule a bit. Still, the books have lined it almost like the race on Sunday with Verstappen as a prohibitive favorite according to F1 betting lines. It’s not enjoyable to bet online. But given Ferrari’s issues here, this is a “Red Bull or bust” type of market.



Questions of the Day

Is Max Verstappen worth betting on the F1 Miami Grand Prix?

It is worth betting online if you don’t mind staking $700 to win $100 on his victory

Will it rain in the Miami Grand Prix?

Thus far, forecasts don’t see rain in Miami on Sunday. However, Floridian weather is unpredictable so keep checking F1 updates.

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