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The NBA news cycle never stops. Just when we’ve had our fill of trade rumors involving Ben Simmons or Damian Lillard, another pops up. We keep up to date with all this because it provides an edge on the NBA Odds. Stay updated!

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With the help of modern technology, the NBA has become one of the world’s most popular leagues. Social media and streaming have helped the league grow, and a 24/7 NBA news cycle has followed.

The regular season is the height of news within the leagues, especially with NBA picks being made for every game. However, the offseason can be as interesting because of social media, like X (formerly known as Twitter).

Fans can follow the NBA Draft, free agency, or trade rumors, getting breaking news right when something happens. Most fans spend their offseason waiting for ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski to drop a Woj-bomb or to see if one of his rivals gets the news out first.

These constant updates during the offseason can be crucial when the regular season starts for NBA betting. Being up to date on what is happening throughout the league and knowing every big potential deal is crucial for making a future bet or picking spread down the line.

At BetUS, our writers help you know the best NBA lines to bet on and the news around the league. Knowing all the information within a situation can be crucial to any bet.

Often, any news that breaks in the NBA will have some effect on Vegas betting lines. The most obvious is a player changing teams due to free agency or a trade. Player movements will often impact a team’s future odds of winning the championship or making the playoffs and could signify to bettors that the team is focusing on rebuilding.

However, news can also be weekly updates throughout the season. Injuries are a common occurrence during the regular season. Depending on the severity and importance of that player, it could have a lasting effect on NBA spreads.

This is crucial to understand and can be a necessary aspect of betting. BetUS tries to supply you with as much news as possible to keep you updated. In turn, that should lead to more winnings for you on the betting side.

NBA News FAQ’s

  • How does betting on NBA games work?

There are many options for NBA betting, with the most basic being game bets, props, and futures. Game bets focus on the outcome of a specific game, what team wins, and how much or how many points the teams combine for. Props are betting on anything within the game unrelated to the outcome, often focusing on player performances. Future bets focus on awards or the NBA Finals, which can’t be decided till the end of the regular season.

  • How do NBA betting lines work?

Each style of NBA bet has a different type of line. Most “game” bets focus on the money line (what team will win), the spread (by how much the favorite will win by), and totals (how many points the teams will score within the game). Over/under bets are also essential and relate more to props and totals, with the sports book creating a line based on a stat, and you bet on whether it will be over or under that number. Future bets are more about picking one team or player out of a list that might achieve something.

  • Where can I access free NBA picks?

BetUS is connected to the Locker Room, which provides bettors with expert free picks and constant news updates on the NBA.