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The NBA news cycle never stops. Just when we’ve had our fill of trade rumors involving Ben Simmons or Damian Lillard, another pops up. We keep up to date with all this because it provides an edge on the NBA Odds. Stay updated!

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Whatever constitutes news these days isn’t limited to just injury reports or the latest signings and trades via Adrian Wojnarowski or Shams Charania. You get plenty of rumors, trade proposals and a lot of fun reading. 

Our NBA news aims to entertain and educate. Dig a bit deeper into NBA history and find items like NBA Finals droughts or listicles as they relate to the latest league events such as the NBA Draft or any major trades.

Stats alone and figuring out the NBA betting odds just doesn’t quite capture the essence of the NBA.  

The 2020-21 NBA season was unprecedented in many ways. Seeing an atypical NBA champion may be a sign that the league’s landscape is changing. What is not unusual are the plethora of roster moves that will change the outlook of the upcoming 2022 season. 

Expect to see several NBA superstars impact their teams, the standings and the playoff picture. The Brooklyn Nets could remain the favorites to win the NBA championship or perhaps it will again be the Los Angeles Lakers.

Perhaps it will be another team few saw coming. Maybe this season will be more unpredictable than this last one. There is only one way to find out.

Always remember to keep up to date with the latest NBA news to make betting on the NBA much more fun. Add a bit of history to the profiles of the NBA teams. Find the best NBA picks before heading to the sportsbook.