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Canned Heat: NBA Coaches on Firing Line

No One’s Job is Safe

If we know anything about the NBA, it’s that a head coach’s job is never safe.

Two coaches were already dismissed during the season so our NBA predictions see some more changes for the 2023-24 season.

Canned Heat: NBA Coaches on Firing Line
Head coach Jamahl Mosley of the Orlando Magic | Chris coduto/getty images/afp

Leading the charge is Jamahl Mosley for the Orlando Magic, who tops NBA picks to be replaced.

No Magic in Orlando

We get that the Orlando Magic haven’t exactly been trying to win over the last few years to get high NBA Draft picks, but their record is still embarrassing.

Since Mosley took over in 2021, his coaching record is 56-108, which isn’t good enough no matter how bad the team.

Given the young and talented players on the Magic roster, including rookie Paolo Banchero, they would be better suited to a coach with more experience and talent.

It’s almost as though they gave Mosley the job knowing that the Magic would be tanking for a couple of years, which is why he was a +300 chance to be replaced.

Mosley spoke about what’s next for the Magic, and what it will take to be successful.

“I think they did a very good job of that,” Mosley said during the team’s exit interviews. “Obviously there are going to be ups and downs within that. I think their leveling up of their focus, the attention to detail, the understanding of what’s happening within the game, they’ve done that. They understand the process of what it is going to take to be successful on a consistent basis. That is the next thing we are going to use is our level of consistency night in and night out.”

Mosley sounds confident of hanging around, but the sportsbook disagrees. He could be the first coach to kiss goodbye to a head coaching job.

Not Bringing Home the Bacon

If Darvin Ham doesn’t bring a title to the Los Angeles Lakers, he could be on his way out, especially when LeBron James is in the picture.

James likes to run the show in Los Angeles, so if the Lakers don’t progress deep into the playoffs, Ham is likely to suffer the consequences.

Of course, there’s still a chance of the Lakers going all the way. They have the experience needed, and James hasn’t taken too much of a backward step. However, we can’t see Ham sticking around for much longer if they don’t win.

Our NBA expert picks sees him leaving in the off-season, and there won’t be a big deal made about it. LA coaches are expendable, especially in recent times, so Laker fans should gear up for a new face in 2023-2024.

The only way we see him holding onto his job is if they win the title. If they get bounced by the Memphis Grizzlies, it could be curtains.

What’s Up, Doc?

There is only so much suffering a franchise can muster before the coach gets culled.

Doc Rivers inherited a hurting Philadelphia 76ers outfit, and if he can’t lead them to a title this season, he could be on his way out.

There’s no denying his coaching ability, which he showcased mostly in Boston, but that doesn’t often matter.

If the players can’t get the job done, it’s usually the coach who gets the boot. The 76ers are hardly going to trade their players away, especially with Joel Embiid leading the way, so that leaves Rivers.

NBA betting lines have the 76ers well-favored to win the NBA title, but getting past the Celtics and Bucks in the Eastern Conference will be tough.

It could be title or bust for Rivers, which is unfortunate, but it’s the reality of life in Philadelphia. Expect sport betting markets to firm his odds should the 76ers get bounced from the playoffs.

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