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Celtics Are Headed Back to the NBA Finals as They Seek Redemption for 2022

Boston Made It to the NBA Finals After Sweeping the Indiana Pacers

Is 2024 the Year?

The Boston Celtics are back in the NBA Finals after maybe the easiest playoff run I’ve ever seen. All three of the teams they played had their best player either miss multiple games or the entire series. I can’t imagine a luckier team.

The Celtics held on to sweep the Tyrese Haliburton-less Pacers in large part due to Jaylen Brown. Jaylen Brown’s stats have been very good in the playoffs and he won Larry Bird Eastern Conference Finals MVP for his performance. However, I don’t know if this is good NBA news for the Celtics. Jayson Tatum is the face of the team and he still isn’t taking a leap with his playoff performance.

NBA Finals: Can the Celtics Win It All?
Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics/Justin Casterline/Getty Images/AFP

Though the Celtics won 64 NBA games this season, it just doesn’t feel like they’re this powerhouse team. Boston has consistently been in the championship mix for several seasons but the last time they were in the finals in 2022, they fell to the Warriors.

This team is a bit different. They didn’t have Jrue Holiday or Kristaps Porziņģis last time around. However, they’ve had such an easy time in the playoffs so it’s hard to know just how good they are. They won’t be able to hide anymore once they face the Western Conference winner.

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Can the Celtics Beat the Dallas Mavericks?

The Dallas Mavericks have yet to close out the Minnesota Timberwolves but they are up 3-0 so that series is all but over. The Celtics are likely going to focus on the Mavericks as their next opponent until that series is over.

While the Celtics have had an easy time in the playoffs, the Mavericks have gone through a murderer’s row. They beat the stacked Los Angeles Clippers team in the first round and then took down the No. 1 seed Oklahoma City Thunder in Round 2. They’re now dominating the Timberwolves after they took down the defending champion Denver Nuggets.

What they’re doing to Minnesota right now is much more impressive than anything Boston has done. Right now, it looks like the Mavericks have the momentum to win it all. Luka Doncic is playing out of his mind and the team’s defense has been awesome since the trade deadline.

It just doesn’t seem like the Celtics have enough juice to get it done this year. It’s also hard to trust them until they actually get it done. They’ve fallen apart in big spots too many times to trust them to win it all.

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