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Commonwealth Games: Basketball 3×3 Explained and Odds Breakdown

Introducing the Commonwealth Games’ Newest and Most Exciting Sport

From the urban scene comes the fastest team-based sport in the world. Basketball three-on-three has grown in popularity in the last years and the International Basketball Association (FIBA) has worked tirelessly to develop the game in a more formal setting.

The sport became part of the Olympics in both men’s and women’s basketball at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. This year, Basketball 3×3 has been included in the Commonwealth Games, reaching a historic milestone. The Commonwealth Games 3×3 tournament begins Friday in Birmingham, England.

Commonwealth Games: Basketball 3x3 Explained and Odds Breakdown

If you are a basketball fan and bettor, you’re going to love 3×3. The game is quick, dynamic and full of an adrenaline rush.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated: ” I love basketball no matter how it is played. (Basketball) 3×3 is incredibly exciting. The games are short and highly competitive. I just think it is fantastic.“.

Below, we’ll go through the basics of this popular sport and share some winning Basketball 3×3 odds.

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What’s Basketball 3×3?

It is a form of basketball with a street-style background. It is characterized by its quickness, versatility and physicality. It is often described as a game full of energy, a frenetic crowd and an overall positive atmosphere.

There are key technical differences between 3×3 and five-on-five basketball. The court size in 3×3 is just 11 meters, the ball size is smaller and the shot clock is 12 seconds – all to fit the high-speed nature of the game. Regarding length, the game lasts for only 10 minutes with no halftime, quarters or breaks.

Three-time FIBA 3×3 World Tour winner Dusan Bulut stated “3×3 is global, it’s urban, it’s a show. It is so fast. You need to think quickly. If you want to be at a high level, you have to develop all types of skills.”.

How Does Basketball 3×3 Work?

A coin toss officially begins the game and determines which team takes possession of the ball.

Basketball 3×3 is played on half-court with one rim and three active players and one substitute for both teams.

The first team to score 21 points in a 10-minute lapse wins the game. If no team has reached the score, the team that is leading claims the win. The players have only shot 12 seconds to make the shot. Additionally, to check out more specific information about the NBA props available for the Bucks vs Warriors matchup.

The teams can score points in two ways: By scoring field goals or through free throws.

  • Two-points: The teams score two points by shooting and scoring a basket from anywhere outside the 22-foot arc line, called the two-point zone
  • Single-point shots: Teams make one point when scoring from inside the arc (the one-point zone).
  • Free Throws: Teams score one point for three throws.
Commonwealth Games: Basketball 3x3 Explained and Odds Breakdown

Commonwealth Games: Basketball 3×3 Tournament Info

  • Tournament Dates: From July 29, 2022 – August 8, 2022
  • Venue: Smithfield site, Birmingham, England
  • Official Website: birmingham2022.com

Commonwealth Games: Basketball 3×3 Odds

The sportsbook has released the Commonwealth Games odds for the Basketball 3×3 tournament taking place in Birmingham. Additionally, to check out more specific information about the NBA props available for the Bulls vs Rockets matchup.

According to the FIBA World Rankings, Canada entered Birmingham 2022 as the top-ranked country in both men’s and women’s categories, with 23 and 16 competitions, respectively.

Canada is followed by Australia with 31 competitions in the men’s category, and Kenya with 18 competitions in the women’s category.

FIBA 3X3 Cup 2022 winner, Australia, is the heavy favorite to win the tournament with NBA odds of -100. It is followed by Canada and New Zealand at +250.

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