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NBA Draft Lottery: Script Writers Add Chaos to Hawks’ Offseason

Atlanta Landed the No. 1 Pick in the NBA Draft With Just a 3% Chance of Winning the Lottery

Lucky Hawks

The latest NBA news called for an extra dose of lemon pepper wet wings as the Atlanta Hawks landed the No. 1 pick with just a 3% chance to win the lottery. If you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, this is the first time the Hawks ever won the NBA draft lottery.

In a city known for pessimistic fans, lifelong Hawks fans are quick to point out this happened the year after Wemby was the consensus No. 1 pick as a generational talent. This year’s draft does not appear to have this same star power, but there is reason for Hawks fans to be optimistic.

The Atlanta Hawks secure the first pick in the NBA Draft
Atlanta Hawks wins the NBA draft lottery/Jacek Boczarski / Anadolu

The franchise is heading into a complicated offseason where NBA rumors indicate the front office is considering trading either Trae Young or Dejounte Murray.

Let’s take a look at the Hawks options.


No. 1 Stick and Pick

The Young-Murray experiment has failed miserably, and the Hawks’ future draft picks are still controlled by the Spurs. Yet, I am hesitant to fully endorse trading Young with his value likely being at an all-time low coming off a season derailed by injuries.

Big man Alex Sarr has already emerged as the favorite to be the No. 1 pick. Sarr spent last season playing in Australia but has a connection to Atlanta. The potential top pick previously played for Overtime Elite, which is based in the ATL.

Sarr would make a nice lob target for Young, but there is no guarantee the star guard will be wearing a Hawks jersey next season. Perhaps Sarr can sublet Young’s Atlanta apartment.


No. 2 Let’s Make a Deal

Another option for Atlanta is to explore trading the No. 1 pick for an established veteran. This option makes more sense if they are also planning to keep Murray and Young.

The hope would be a third star could help this duo play better together. This option has challenges as the Hawks are already at the tax threshold, and the No. 1 pick’s rookie deal is going to be more affordable than most vet’s contracts.

Another challenge: this draft is viewed as being on the weaker side. It remains to be seen what the trade value of the No. 1 pick will be heading into June’s draft. The Hawks could look to pair the No. 1 pick with Young or Murray to net a greater return via a trade.


No. 3 Blow It Up

The Hawks could choose to build around the No. 1 pick and go young by trading both of their star guards. The challenge is Atlanta’s picks are headed to the Spurs in the coming years. Being bad will not benefit the Hawks in terms of landing more high-draft picks.


Verdict: Why Rush Into a Bad Trade?

Once Atlanta uses the “trade Trae Young” card there is no going back. The same can be said for dealing with Murray.

Why not see how the two stars play alongside the No. 1 pick? The Hawks could still move Young or Murray at the midseason trade deadline after NBA games have taken place.

Sadly, the Hawks had a better record without Young than with the star in the lineup. It may be a foreshadowing stat of the Hawks roster to come.

Young’s trade value may be higher after a few months of playing injury-free. The good news is the Hawks have options, but none of them are a quick path to being a contender. Atlanta would be wise to listen to trade offers but exercise patience before striking a blockbuster deal.

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